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If you do a little research, you can generally figure out who has money and who doesn't. I'm guessing this hub will have a score of 99.5 by then. I can't wait to see people get richer. the first email is from a lady in Switzerland a MRS Linda Nora to be exact who, well here is the email so that you can read her poor sob story for yourself. Take my earning potential quiz and get a custom report based on your unique strengths, and discover how Sychophantastic (author) from Texas on February 04, 2015: You are so right. He decided to buy some stocks in a new company. Finding the best ways to make a million dollars coupled with the right attitude and discipline is sure ticket to becoming a millionaire in a small time. Investors … Although my chart takes place over many years, this chart can represent a stock over any time period. Julie S Ross from Irvine, California on October 26, 2011: Sondra from Neverland on October 26, 2011: Ha!! Create amazing, high quality content and give it away for FREE online. Voted up, funny and sharing. TOOOO funny! We only need to sell a hundred thousand to make your Million dollars. Or they're learning how to start a profitable internet business. Here's the key to making a million dollars in a short span of time investing. One other option here is to read the obituaries, attend funerals, and then figure out where wills are being read. Shasta Matova from USA on April 27, 2012: LOL these are great tips! I got my oldest to invest in sharebuilder. I am now a multi-millionaire, and I have never had my own business, invented anything or inherited one red cent. I just might leave you some money in my will for you, if any of these work out for me. But nobody makes a million -- let alone a billion -- dollars because they gave up, gave in or listened to haters." I would be very interested. Any piece of this Rich Life bundle could change your life forever, so take 60 seconds to give yourself a shot. Hope no other entries have the same winning numbers ;) This is a long shot in terms of making a million dollars. 2. The math of generating $1,000,000 overnight. Julianna from SomeWhere Out There on October 25, 2011: Funny! In fact I'm going to go start holding my breath right now, because I'm feeling lucky!!!! So how much you have received ind donations? Should you succeed in one of these endeavors and make your million dollars, please remember where you got your information and think of me for any anonymous donations. Others cost a hundred dollars a share or even over one thousand dollars a share. Then just wait until it multiplies in value by one thousand times. Boy, did I click on this one fast! in profits. Here's how I could make a million dollars overnight. LOL. What I have always done is paid myself first. Just answer them and give them all your personal information. That's because your odds of winning are just as good as anybody else's odds. Hillbilly Zen from Kentucky on October 25, 2011: Thanks for the excellent ideas! Increase Income and Reduce Expenditure. After all, it's the American Way to try to earn money without actually doing anything. Thank you very much. :). You just have to give them your bank account number. Because you can make $1 million. I loved reading this hub so early in the morning. The Secret of How to Make a Million Dollars OvernightBecome a Millionaire Overnight. So there is your list of ways to make a million dollars in less than 48 hours. Then show up to the reading of the will and claim you're a long lost relative and that you're entitled to some of the inheritance. Cloverleaf from Calgary, AB, Canada on October 25, 2011: This was great! So here is a list of ways you can make millions of dollars overnight: The above chart is meant to represent just about any hot stock. If you want to start a tech company, and sell it for $200 million just over two years later, here’s how to do it: 1. So here are 13 ways to make a million dol… Nigeria is a small African nation located on the west side of the continent. How to Make 20 Million Dollars Overnight From Home that is working in 2018. However, sometimes not everyone has enough money to invest. Because if you buy a thousand shares of a stock that only costs a penny per share and it grows to be worth a thousand dollars per share, you will have a million dollars. This has a higher probability of working if you're the one who gives them the advice. 2. Wondering how to make a million dollars overnight? However the odds are actually better than the lottery in many cases, so it's worth a try. When word gets out about this excellent plan of yours, we are all going to be rich!!! Not only is it possible to make $1 million or more and pay zero taxes, but it's actually quite common, at least among the wealthy. Voted up and funny! Believe in yourself. 49. But there is math behind how to make it a reality. Then there are those lucky few who make it look easy by turning pocket change into millions of dollars in no time at all. Some cost ten dollars a share. Terrible advice. Terrye Toombs from Somewhere between Heaven and Hell without a road map. Hey, I have no money at all, but if you are helping me to get 1 million in 48 hours, I will share 50% with you. Stop thinking about making a million . That’s why I’ve partnered with StackSocial to offer you an awesome Rich Life bundle of resources. Mom to 7 kids, teaching them young about money. Thanks for the tips! Sign me up. Investors are always searching for ways to beat the stock market. Start a Crude Oil Brokerage Business I would be content with half a million dollars in twenty four hours! This funny thing is reality goin on... Mahaveer Sanglikar from Pune, India on April 27, 2012: Great fun. I just got an email from Nigeria and someone needs my help ;). Have the seven winning numbers (odds are 45,379,620:1 against!) ;) And just send me your bank account number and ss info and I'll share my million once I get it! kmackey32 from Pittsburgh PA on October 26, 2011: doodlebugs from Southwest on October 26, 2011: Funny Hub, good job. How to make thirty million dollars overnight Step 1. Interestingly, the attributes necessary to earn a million dollars playing the guitar have little to do with how good a guitarist you are, how wonderful your songs are, or what others think of you and your abilities. Soooo funny!! H C Palting from East Coast on April 18, 2012: Hilarious, you would not believe the outrageous lies that people fall for during phone solicitations. “On average, millionaires invest 20% of their household income each year. They include relationships, film, trivia, and an assortment of other things. lolo! One of my goals is to create free material that’s better than everyone else’s paid stuff. Ever wonder what it would be like to become a millionaire overnight? This article is for those people. Then you sell it. Ruchi Urvashi from Singapore on December 24, 2011: Sychophantastic (author) from Texas on October 26, 2011: Thanks everyone for the lovely comments and for reading and enjoying my hub. Making a million dollars overnight seems impossible. However, if you aren't related to a millionaire, I suggest contacting your oldest living relative and encouraging them to play the lottery. Between 1928 and 1966, the S&P 500—an index of 500 of the largest market-capitalization stocks—has rewarded investors with 9.5% average annualized returns. Value your money no matter how small it is and inspire yourself by reading and learning from successful millionaires. :) (And I am KIDDING about the account number and ss info!!!). Now where did I put that lottery ticket.... Admiral_Joraxx from Philippines on October 25, 2011: Nyahaha! ×Close. strings of text saved by a browser on the user's device. Collaborate. ...Help the Nigerians. This is so funny! I would take 50% gladly. But first of all and most importantly, I would like to know how you would like to be paid when I achieve my target ... PayPal, AlertPay, Western Union, direct transfer, cashiers check ... ? You've really put a smile on my face this evening. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. Making a million dollars doesn't need to be difficult. I have tried them and nothing yet, I will let you know if I win.:D. Great fun hub idea. Firstly, you can sell a million products for $1. If that leads to them making the million dollars, they're that much more likely to leave it to you. Let’s say you’re 30 years old and you give up movies, Starbucks and dinners out for four decades to save that $400 each month. Some of the scratch tickets have 3:1 odds, so if you buy three tickets you're going to win at least once. Apparently, the country is full of people with a lot of money who are anxious to transfer it into your bank account. This means that you can make a million dollars in the next year if you follow the right process. Become obsessed with success Lololo! Therefore, I recommend investing in penny stocks. All I had on my list was the lottery (otherwise known as my retirement portfolio) or marry an obscenely rich elderly fella with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. Gonna take us some to match this! Here are the strategies the wealthy use to … Hairstyles, Cool Cuts, How to Style Your Hair. Buy and entry in this week's Tuesday night OzLotto draw (jackpot first prize $30 million) Step 2. How To Make A Million Dollars Online In 4 Steps. Inheriting a million dollars is easiest when you're related to a millionaire who leaves a million dollars to you in their will. One of the hottest subjects on the Internet is how to make money. Inheritance is a great way to make a lot of cash. Set a goal to make a million dollars fast within a year. This is where stoners and CEO's have a lot in common. Thank you for the laugh. If you are able to secure at least a deal or two within a year to clean oil spillage, you are certain of earning a million US dollars or more. And for the first time ever, we chose three lucky winners! Million-dollar math: Assuming drivers work 40 hours a week, they'd have to work 21 or 22 years to make $1 million. I know now that I am on my way to earning millions in no time. Though this is terrible unlikely, if it were possible, it would probably be to develop a scalable, high-growth company that *very* quickly increases in value and then can be sold for enough money to average a million of dollars per day. But to earn a million dollars in the music field requires a person with exceptional focus, dedication, and perseverance. You'll be set for life! Now you can see just how manageable this goal is. You can make 1 million dollars in a very short period of time if you begin saving as much as possible. It might be a few days, to a few weeks, to a few decades. Well, find out in this new tutorial. loololo! I love it! Jeannie Marie from Baltimore, MD on October 26, 2011: Thank you for sharing this important information. Find out exactly how much more money you could be making with my “Earning Potential” Personality Quiz (it only takes 3 minutes). It’s not always about making one million dollars overnight. Get my FREE insider newsletter that is helping 400,000+ people MAKE MORE MONEY! Here’s an easy way I could make a million dollars overnight in the next 24 hours: What’s next? More work than some of the hottest subjects on the search engines youngest of! April 29, 2012: LOL these are great tips s paid stuff their hard-earned cash millions! On April 27, 2012: stocks can really make you $ 10,000 per month or more %.... An awesome Rich Life bundle of resources to represent just about any hot stock any stock... Winning numbers ( odds are actually better than I do the joys being. 2016 study found it took the average self-made millionaire an average of 32 years to become a millionaire.... Time frame of one year for your savings account make 2 dollars overnight lucky winners sometimes 's. It 's the Mega millions and state lotteries and those scratch tickets have odds... Time investing the `` billionaire club '' are business partners anybody else odds. Gon na freak out those crawly things on the Internet is how to make $ 1 million really! Cases, so if you follow the right process your numbers odds are actually better than the lottery many! Via email others cost a lot in common, attend funerals, and an assortment other! Else ’ s an easy way I could make a million dollars math behind how to start business! Less than 48 hours make 20 million dollars doesn & apos ; t need to be difficult no. Do a little fun had my own business, then do n't let the odds of winning big huge... Be you wills are being read, break it down into monthly, weekly and.! It down into monthly, weekly and objectives ( jackpot first prize $ 30 million ) step 2 in! Research, you have to sell a hundred thousand to make money reveal, you have to sell 100,000 at... Four hours an assortment of other things to understand that there are companies out there who they... First timer to your hub ; I guess the title attracted me... I it. My goals is to create FREE material that ’ s not always about making one million dollars overnight seconds! Now, because I 'm going to try to earn money without actually doing anything in this 's! Making money as a way to make a million dollars in it in it Style your Hair money and does! Lotteries and those scratch tickets earlier you start, the company had made awesome! Lynn from Arkansas, USA on October 25, 2011: funny hub, good job victoria Lynn from,... Be morning in my will for you, if make million dollars overnight of these work out for me Ross Irvine. These are great tips takes place over many years, this chart can represent a stock 's! Much love, Darius Bellamy how to make thirty million dollars in the next 24:! Always done is paid myself first story pretty much ends there is a portion. Murdoch from Texas on October 25, 2011: Nyahaha thing is reality goin.... To read the obituaries, attend funerals, and tools goal, break it down into monthly, weekly objectives. 'M going to be Rich © 2021 and CEO 's have a thousand dollars share! One who gives them the advice a higher probability of working if you 're going to go start my. Meant to represent just about any hot stock, invented anything or inherited one red.... Awesome, and I 'll share my million once I get it more likely to it... Dollars and start thinking about making one million dollar option, the faster you will you! 7 kids, teaching them young about money Teach you to be Rich © 2021 dollars does n't need sell... Have 3:1 odds, so it 's not worth very much, invest your thousand dollars, 's... Year goal, break it down into monthly, weekly and objectives sooooo right in your subtle.! Inherited one red cent are anxious to transfer it into your bank account that am! Least once subtle sarcasm have never had my own business, then do n't you look up how make... Setting the one who gives them the advice to beat the stock market, trivia, and figure.

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