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North Americans began to use the term in their scientific writings by the late 18th century. Racial Profiling and the War against Terrorism Controversies over racial profiling are hardly new in Canada. Typically but not always, profiling is carried out by persons in positions of authority, and can occur in many contexts involving safety, security and public protection issues. Racial Profiling in Canada Essay examples 1300 Words | 6 Pages. At its heart, profiling is about stereotyping people based on preconceived ideas about a person’s character. [2] Public Service Commission of Canada, “Stereotyping” Monograph Issue 3 (October 1995), online: Public Service Commission of Canada . Racial profiling refers to the inappropriate targeting of racial and ethnic groups by police officers and other law enforcement officials. Definition of Racial Profiling In the context of rights to life, liberty and property, a concept of Racial Profiling is provided here: Police targeting of racial minorities as potential suspects of criminal activities. ), “I do believe that this was profiling by two individuals and not the entire police force. Let us join the voices of compassion and oppose the mean-spirited actions that aim to legalize racial profiling and scapegoat immigrants. The African Canadian Legal Clinic, based in Toronto, has adopted the following definition: “Racial profiling is criminal profiling based on race. We do this because it allows us to organize and simplify complex situations and give us greater confidence in our ability to understand, predict and potentially control situations. uncountable noun Racial profiling is government or police activity that involves using people’s racial and cultural characteristics to identify people to investigate....controversies involving racial profiling and corruption. [4] The fact that racial profiling may occur on a subconscious level has been recognized, for example by the Ontario Court of Appeal in R. v. Brown (2003), 64 O.R. Racial Profiling can be described as an individual being suspected of a crime solely on the grounds of their race or ethnicity. When you are dealing with marginalized people, you exercise power differently than you do with those who are advantaged or have status in society. Persons in society who hold positions in which they exercise a large degree of discretion have more of an opportunity to engage in profiling and are also more likely to be perceived to be engaging in racial profiling in the exercise of their discretion. Racial profiling is different from criminal profiling. Racial profiling, however, is not limited only to an individual's ethnicity or race, but can also be based on the individual's religion, or national origin. racial profiling meaning: 1. the practice by the police of thinking that people of a particular race or colour will behave in…. Black Muslims, Black LGBTQ2S folks, etc. Marjorie Cohn is a professor of law at Thomas Jefferson School of Law and past president of the National Lawyers Guild. In other words, criminal profiling is not the same as racial profiling since the former is based on objective evidence of wrongful behaviour while racial profiling is based on stereotypical assumptions. Prejudice is in all of us and if you are in a position of power you can wield it.” (N.S. Practical experience and psychology both confirm that anyone can stereotype, even people who are well meaning and not overtly biased. Typically, but not always, profiling is carried out by persons in a position of authority. This is what leads to profiling. The Commission selected a broad definition of racial profiling for several reasons. If indeed racial profiling exists in Canada, it would be in direct violation of at least a few sections of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Laws like SB 1070 demean us all. Such an asymmetry has emerged as a consequence that has affected how the legal rights in regards to the ways the police powers are treated when applying the power of search, investig… Racial profiling is wrong and ineffective. Chartrand, “The Unbearable Automaticity of Being” (July 1999) 54 American Psychologist 462-479. Racial profiling at the border is not new, according to former border agent and immigration lawyer Guidy Mamann. a law enforcement official assumes someone is more likely to have committed a crime because he is African Canadian; school personnel treat a Latino child’s behaviour as an infraction of its zero tolerance policy while the same action by another child might be seen as normal “kids’ play”; a private security guard follows a shopper because she believes the shopper is more likely to steal from the store; an employer wants a stricter security clearance for a Muslim employee after September 11. a bar refuses to serve Aboriginal patrons because of an assumption that they will get drunk and rowdy; a criminal justice system official refuses bail to a Latin American person because of a belief that people from her country are violent; and.

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