WHA’s Guide to Cafe Etiquette

I’m big on working at a cafe, and I’ve been to a fair amount of them. The more I visit, the more I realize there’s an ecosystem that one should learn to appreciate and preserve. Like dining in a restaurant, working at cafes have their own sets of guidelines.  Don’t be the asshole.
decals_0006_Actual cafe.jpg




  • Buy something from the shop every 2-3 hours that you’re there
    Most shops don’t mind that you stick around all day, in return, compensate them for their space.
    It can be a meal, a pastry, or another cup of coffee. Do consider that they’re businesses and not non-profits.

Plus, take it as an opportunity to try something different.

decals_0003_caffè latte from local 123
decals_0004_iced coffee from cafe 4


  • Use headphones

decals_0010_Shape 1
This one’s obvious.


  • Take calls outside or keep it on down low.
    People don’t shove their headphones in your ears, so please don’t force others into hearing your convo.


  • Don’t bring outside food
    Grab a bite from the cafe if they offer meals. Otherwise, take a break and dine elsewhere.
    If you have your own food, take a break anyway and turn the table a bit.


  • Don’t download giant files and clog the wifi
    Torrent from home, please.


  • Befriend the baristas
    But don’t treat them like they’re your therapist.


  • Clean up after yourself
    decals_0009_clean up after yourself
    Especially when they have a sign as large as this.




Taking it up a notch and out-do everyone else in the shop.



Open to share a desk.
Might make a friend while you’re at it.


Tip extra.
Like how one should at a bar.


Keep an eye on your stuff, and others,
if they asked.


Bring an outlet hub (to share),
but make sure the owner doesn’t mind.

decals_0011_Shape 1 copy 3
Cody’s a model cofficer (Coffice = cafe office)
In the near future: Guide to working at libraries, paid cafe, or co-working space.


  • Artem Sapegin

    2014-12-22 at 4:18 AM Reply

    Great post with great photos!

    P. S. But please remove this SmothScroll, it makes people like me (anyone with a Mac trackpad I believe) mad ಠ_ಠ

    • workhardanywhere

      2014-12-22 at 12:45 PM Reply

      Your concern’s been heard!

  • Nick Danforth

    2014-12-22 at 7:50 AM Reply

    Love it!

    • workhardanywhere

      2014-12-22 at 12:45 PM Reply

      Thanks, Nick!

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