What Characteristics Leo Looks for in Coffee

Tan Kok Haw (also known as Leo) is a student and part-time barista in Penang, Malaysia. [caption id="attachment_28285" align="aligncenter" width="1242"] Merchant's Lane[/caption] What sparked your interest in cafes? I love to drink coffee and like to set up a flatlay on the table and have a shot too! If my life without coffee,...

WHA_Annie Canales-3-2

Annie Canales—Nomadic Art director

 Annie was deeply involved with arts since she was a little girl, including designing her own clothes at a young age. She studied graphic design but realized that she wanted to do something else and travel, which led her to Argentina to study fashion design. She ended with an Art Direction career and specialized in...


6 tips to grow Instagram followers to 50k. $0 needed.

Work Hard Anywhere has just reached 50k followers on Instagram (woot!), with an engagement rate of an average of 1,500 likes per post and 150-200 new followers daily. Here are some strategies we used to grow Instagram followers. [caption id="attachment_27652" align="alignnone" width="1100"] A steady climb over the last 3 months. I use the minimalistic "Analytics for...


Yasmine & Erica—Founders of Tibba

  Yasmine is a full-time entrepreneur and a part-time hippie. She would be a full-time hippie but there is just not enough time while running a startup. She is a world traveller with 82 countries under her belt. Erica has a background in economics and law. She's fond of adventure and...


Dora Goodman—Founder of Goodman Camera

 Dora Goodman has a full-time career in the computer game industry, but she's been pushing boundaries through her hobby in making custom cameras. Based in Budapest, she's been fiddle with custom cameras for the past 5 years, and boy, is her camera gorgeous.  Current Favorite Spots to get work done? The great thing...


How To Stay Safe While Using Public WiFi

WiFi has had a significant impact on your work habits. It is the very gateway to your professional success when outside the home or office. Yet if you use public networks you face the very real threat of cybercrime ranging from identity theft to malware insertion. While the public access...



Smartwatches have been a trendy new thing recently. Living in Silicon Valley, there's no shortage of techies wearing watches from Apple, Pebble, Motorola, Samsung, LG, etc. But even with all the options, I still haven’t found one that I liked enough to buy. So, I decided to make my own. This...

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