Facebook Campus Tour

"hey Benson! I work at Facebook now.." Last week, a friend and a fellow WHA pioneer reached out for a chance to make WHA more prominent on the Facebook platform. Collaboration and the kind gesture aside, I knew it was my golden ticket to check out what seem like the Disneyland for...

Bernard Capulong—Co-founder & E-I-C of Everyday Carry

 Bernard Capulong, a creative and entrepreneur based out of Brooklyn, NY. He's the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Everyday Carry. The concept of Everyday Carry focuses on what items people find useful and essential enough to carry with them on a daily basis. The website covers related “EDC” gear and highlights reader-submitted photos...

Free 2GB for your Google Drive

Today only (02/09/2016) Google's offering free 2GB bonus storage for their Drive once you complete their security check-up. The process takes less than 2 minutes in exchange for a permanent 2GB bonus for your Drive storage, sounds like a no brainer to me. Those who have done this last year can do it again today for...

Danielle Blum—CEO of World Nativ

 Danielle is the Founder and CEO of World Nativ, a global community of innovators, creatives, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs connecting minds and sharing knowledge. Their platform is a creative ecosystem that provides resources, business training and networking events for both startups and seasoned entrepreneurs.  She is responsible for business development as...

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