24 hours in Utah

My wife and I are from California and she was about to attend a conference in NY. Instead of having her fly there alone, being a great husband that I am, I decided to keep her company. And since my companion pass, where you can fly someone with you for FREE, from...


WHA Creatives: Bettina—Escapeyourdesk

 We first stumbled across her cafe filled Instagram page through an intriguing hashtag "#escapeyourdesk" a few months ago. With more than a few hundred cafes down her belt, she continues to awe us with her new and delightful cafe photos. Bettina is a southern California native who just celebrated her first anniversary...


WHA Creatives: Leonard Tjoe—Foodgrapher

 Just over the course of a year, using Instagram as his main creative outlet, Leonard Tjoe has already garnered close to 39,000 food loving followers anticipating his next photo. He is a food enthusiast, a coffee addict , and an amateur food photographer from Jakarta , Indonesia.  Current Favorite Cafes My favorite cafés are Luna Negra, Loewy...


The Anatomy of Our Mobile Workstation

Cody and I have been to no less than 50 cafes, libraries, and coworking spaces across the States. Today we work from Palo Alto's Downtown Library. While the scenery changes, one thing remain the same—the content of our mobile workstation. These are the things that we can't work without. We...


WHA Creatives: Marvin King—Photographer

 Marvin's a well rounded creative based out of Oakland, CA. Trying to identify Marvin as any particular type of creative is pigeonholing his capabilities—as far as we know, he's a videographer, graphic designer, entrepreneur, and a tailor from time to time. He's been a great of friend of ours and has...


WHA Creatives: Kasturi Roy—Writer/Illustrator

 Kasturi is a full-time Features Writer and a part-time enthusiast of the ‘Gram’, she writes as a social exercise (like much of everything else she does). Having completed post-graduation in English Lit, she illustrates as a hobbyist. She's donned many hats over the last five years – vocalist, freelance writer,...

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