WHA Creatives: Melly Lee—Photographer

 Melly is an adventure-seeking conceptual, portrait photographer based in Los Angeles and an early WHA Pioneer. I met her even before the initial spark of WHA, but she's been taking photos for as far as I could remember. Aside from her portrait shots, which she's always managed to splash a bit of quirkiness...


Far Leaves Tea, Berkeley, CA

Far Leaves Tea—2626 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702 —Free & fair speed: 5.84 download, 1.95 upload (mbps) —Plenty —Low. Indoor only. —Paid & free parking around —Quiet —Clean "Far Leaves Tea is about enjoying the process of making and serving tea with other people and leaving the outside world far behind. Having tea is an excellent human endeavor. While waiting...


WHA Creatives: Senya Golyshkin—Photographer

 Senya's a Moscow based lifestyle photographer. Witnessing a professional photographer at work from his sister’s wedding sparked his interest in photography, then the rest is history. 6 years in, he’s now worked with big brands like Coca-Cola, IKEA, Cosmopolitan, and Mercedes-Benz AMG. WHA’s very honored to be collaborating with Senya...


WHA Creatives: Ria Sim—Illustrator

 Ria has been in the design industry for about 10 years and she previously owned and sold an event planning company and a floral design studio a few years ago. Her interest in doodling with a mixture of coffee beans, a project she started early 2015 as she familiarize herself with...


WHA Creatives: Rolo Tanedo Jr—Photographer

 Rolo was never into photography. Instead, he was into video games and shoes. He had a simple point and shoot and would take photographs of his shoe collection. It wasn’t until early 2007 that he finally decided to purchase his first DSLR. Since then, he would always bring his camera with his to...


Today’s office: HanaHaus, Palo Alto, CA

HanaHaus—456 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301 —Free at cafe. Lightning speed: 20.61 download, 17.12 upload (mbps). —Few, only available on the standing desk near the center of the indoor venue. —Fair amount of seats. Available both indoor and outdoor. —Can be difficult to find a spot. Most have 2 hours limit. —Noisy & crowded...


WHA Creatives: Eden Wu—Photographer

 Eden's a multifaceted creative—she's a graphic designer, travel blogger, and a serious photo enthusiast (so far). I've known Eden way before the inception of WHA; back in my college days. We've worked on various projects and now we're teaming up again for a series of wallpapers for the community. It's...


WHA Creatives: Esther Huynh—Photographer

 Esther is a Dallas, TX based photographer and a WHA Pioneer since our early days. We've collaborated once in the past and now going at it again. She's worked with Woot!, Audrey Magazine, and Shoebacca in the past and now working full time as an independent photographer.  Current Favorite Work-space: Dallas Public...


Progress Report + Top 10 Pioneers

Locations   We have now added 1223 spots across 37 countries! Our directory of workspaces have been growing steadily as more early adopters apply to become a part of the community. Truly fulfilling to see our pioneers investing time and effort pursuing a common goal—making it easy for anyone to explore and find...

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