Capturing and Editing Fantastical Compositions — with Edson Assis

Creatives_intro Edson Assis  is a photographer that resides in  São Paulo, Brazil. He likes to record everything that is around him. He believes that photography has the power to change the world.

Why and how did you get into photography?

I started shooting in 2014. Before that I worked in graphic design, but knew it was not what I really wanted. I started to focus more on photography and haven’t stopped since.

How long have you been shooting and what gear do you shoot with?

I have been a photographer for exactly two years. I currently use a Canon 6D; for events I use 16-28 mm and 85 mm lens. When I go out to photograph on the street I use an iPhone 5C, which doesn’t get as much attention and people feel more comfortable when I’m taking photos.


…never let an idea escape


What was the moment that made you decide to pursue photography professionally?

The moment I decided to work as a photographer was when I won my first photography contest using my old phone. I decided I could show more of my story and my ideas to the world!

What’s the toughest challenge you face (or faced) as a photographer?

The biggest difficulties that I still encounter is not having the support required to continue with my work. Unfortunately, Brazil is a country where art is still growing. So photographers, painters, actors and others find the same difficulties to show their talent. In addition, the equipment is very expensive, making it difficult to have lenses or cameras.

Any photographer(s) you lookup to? Why?
Yes, I admire the work of photographer Sebastião Salgado. I  like his story and all the obstacles he faced as a photographer. Now he has worldwide recognition, which is much deserved. That inspires me and allows me to not give up on my dreams.
Are you working on any personal projects you’d like share?
Currently I dedicate my time on street photography that can be viewed on my Instagram, @ edinhoe4 . I think it’s working out because I found you (WHA) thanks to a picture posted there!
What advice would you give a novice in the field?

The advice I have is : Always shoot! train your eyes and never give up!

Creatives_favespotTips for editing photos?
  • Take notes, do not let anything escape. I always carry a notebook for writing down everything, whether it be a phrase or just a scrawl that comes to my mind.
  • Practice shooting your concepts, never let an idea escape. I am always seeking ways to use ideas. I happened to wake up at night once to shoot because I had an idea during sleep (LOL)
  • After capturing the images, discard those that weren’t your favorite and keep those that you consider the best and that manage to convey the idea.
  • Take time editing. I like using Photoshop as my main editing program, I use it to fix small imperfections in the picture.
  • Adobe Camera Raw is the first plugin that I use in Photoshop, which adds more life to the picture.
  • After Photoshop and editing in Camera Raw, I like to finish a photo by using the Google Nik Collection plugins that are now free and are great! After this process, I post the photo to all of my social networks. When posting on Instagram I use two editing programs, VSCO and Instagram itself.



Creatives_connect Best way to connect:

You can find Edson and his whimsical adventures on Instagram and snapchat (edinho.snap)


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