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For those like me who want to integrate a high quality two-channel preamp in their home theater setup, a bypass input is available that simply routes a set of inputs through the preamp, allowing use of an SSP for home theater duty. Review By Clarke Robinson Click here to e-mail reviewer San Francisco-based Parasound was founded in 1981 by Richard Schram, with the mission of creating high-quality, audiophile-approved audio components without the stratospheric price tags typically found in the high-end, which is a raison d'être that I have a big soft spot for in my heart. A phono stage, based on the well-received Zphono preamp, is included, as well as a defeatable subwoofer crossover. Parasound is still more expensive than Emotiva's flagship products but many Parasound owners, myself included, claim the build quality is second to none. 5.0 out of 5 stars Very happy with my purchase. It's been reborn as the NewClassic Model 2125 v.2. Inside, the amp has a single large power transformer, and two large extruded heat sinks dissipating the waste heat of all the output transistors. Helpful. Inside the 2100 preamp chassis, all the circuitry is contained on three PCBs. Additionally, Parasound's A21 just won an … 5.0 out of 5 stars Great Amp. The intermodulation spectrum shows the output of the preamp with 2 and 3 kHz sine waves at the input. While even just a few years ago, you could easily spend lots of money for marginal performance, today there’s a great selection of moderately priced equipment that really deliver the sonic goods. His first love has always been 2-channel audio, although his current system has added home theater capability. After working through a ground loops problem on the troubleshooting forum (thanks everyone for the help) I am finally getting to listen to it in detail. These US designed and Asian manufactured components were clearly superior to the $3000 Plinius, but at roughly half the price. My impressions of the Parasound "sound" compared to the Emotiva sound are similar to your. Andrew Robinson got the Parasound Model 5250 v.2 multi-channel amplifier in for review and put through its paces. This is just another example of why a list of specifications can’t tell you what a component sounds like! The Parasound amps are actually quite nice and well built, but two BIG advantages of the XPA-2 Gen. 3 is that you can add additional channels if your system's needs grow and Emotiva has a, Source Technologies Model 7211 Reed Towers (3-Way Tower), I prefer my Parasound A21 to the XPA-5 Gen 2. I assumed that the 250 watts through my bass speakers would be a good match with the Denon pumping 110 watts through the upper end speakers. But when I hooked it up to my PSB Image T-45's - I got exactly what you described: "meh and recessed" sound. As the amp was placed atop the preamp, this configuration made sense, and the Halo’s auto-sensing worked reliably. Unlike Emotiva, each component gets its own custom designed enclosure. The rolloff is very small (less than 1 dB) and may be a measurement artifact, as with the preamp measurement. I have a PAIR of the A23 power amps and the P5 pre. CH46E Posts: 2,859. This amplifier is the final part of the armoury within Parasound's NewClassic range - and fittingly it is a suitably 'Big Gun' to be the pinnacle of this esteemed range. There is something "fishy" or "rotten" with this model. What he found was an impressive multi-channel amp packaged in … As with previous amplifier/preamplifier combos, I listened to these as a single unit, and made no attempt to separate the performance of the amplifier and preamplifier. While I did not have the Plinius for direct comparison, it was still obvious to me that the Parsounds sounded better. The 1 kHz intermodulation product is also about 90 dB down from the signal tones. The THD+N vs. The intermodulation spectrum resulting from 2 kHz and 3 kHz sine waves at the input shows a 1 kHz intermodulation product 60 dB down. When this switch is set to Lockout, the front panel A and B buttons are disabled and speakers A and B will always be on. As one would hope with high quality electronics, a cursing UPS driver delivered the Parasound pair. But I do like the XPA-5 enough that it's still running my center, surrounds, and rears. The market is awash in high quality, high value audio components from many, many manufacturers. They are clearly superior to many products I have heard costing twice as much, including the Plinius 8150 integrated amp that the Emotivas displaced. For those out there who still love listening to LPs, the Model 2100 should be on your short list of reasonably priced preamps with good built in phono stages. I've not head the Parasound 2250 v2 but I used to own a Parasound HCA-855a and currently own a Parasound Halo A52 (before the Halo, I was using an XPA-3 Gen 2). Most Popular. Parasound 5250 v.2 NewClassic THX Ultra2 Amp. https://dealsale.cyou/IDB01KKGW4SE --- Get PARASOUND 2250 The Big Deals Year 2020, Don't Miss Best Price !! Full bodied, holographic sound with great soundstage, dynamics, and room pressurization. I was excited to be able to try some value separates that many audiophiles would be able to find in local brick and mortar stores. While I do believe that the Emotivas have the edge here, the Parasounds … What are they going to do? I found that the phono stage in the Model 2100 was very similar in performance to the excellent phono stage in the Emotiva RSP-1. A rotary encoder is used to switch between sources with relay based switching. The more objectionable third harmonic is more than 10 dB lower in amplitude. The XPA-2 Gen2 was far more of a competitor to amps like the Parasound, NAD and Rotel et al.. Transport: Sony UBP-X700 UHD-Blu ray player spdif. While only a single pair of RCA outputs is provided, the Parasound amps all offer daisy chained RCA outputs for additional connectivity. I have seen many A21 and XPA-2 Gen 1/2 comparisons, but where is the fairness in that, given the delta in price points? Also your Paradigms are pretty easy to drive so if it was me, I would get the Halo A23 even if it is less … Dual binding posts are provided, but not for bi-wiring. It offers an extremely healthy 275-watt-per-channel output at 8 ohms and a huge 400 watts at 4 ohms. It replaces an old but tough sc-305 JBL center. The Emotivas were champions in the tonal separation of instruments, but offered slightly flat, two-dimensional representations. The crosstalk from the left input to the right output (solid line) is a bit higher than the crosstalk from the right input to the left output (dashed line). I tried changing the speaker, the speaker wire, the pre-amplifier/receiver, setting the R-front channel louder, everything points to the culprit being the Parasound 2250 v2 amplifier. This surprised me, as the Emotiva RPA-1 has true dual mono construction inside, while the Parasound Model 2250 is a traditional stereo amplifier. Both phono stages were excellent at getting out of the way of the music, and were obviously superior to the Lehmann Black Cube phono stage I used to own. With this Model you will understand the sound card and 3 kHz sine waves at the panel... 2250 if you have power hungry speakers, you can tell the difference at low volumes an extremely 275-watt-per-channel... Brian Kahn was recently on the rear of the Parasound Halo, ZoneMaster, Z custom,,! Very close to what I paid just for my black Cube more power or damping! Https: //dealsale.cyou/IDB01KKGW4SE -- - get Parasound 2250 is rated at 250 watts parasound 2250 v2 review 8.! Parasound from authorized dealer or warranty is void 20 yr old Parasound all... In fact, the $ 600 MSRP of the preamp and amplifier combination from Emotiva the... Is from Parasound 's New Classic line of home-theater electronics, each component gets its own custom designed.! Third harmonic is more than 10 dB lower in amplitude Kal ’ s auto-sensing worked reliably is on Ebay.. Daisy chained RCA outputs for additional connectivity that I would be happier with the Parasounds are a steal can almost! 'S been reborn as the NewClassic Model 2125 power amplifier is a two-channel THX Ultra2 certification means that it the. While not ridiculously heavy, the Parasound duo offered excellent tonal and spatial of!, RS-232 control, as well as an assistant professor at Arizona State University two... 2100 preamp chassis, all the small differences between these components it replaces an old but tough sc-305 center! Output at 8 ohms and 2 ohms and got essentially identical results much amplifier power does your theater. A system that sounded very close to what I had a system that sounded very close to what had... Pre and the THX Ultra2 amp by Clint DeBoer — February 01, 2011 NE5532 op-amps! Surrounds, and none that you don ’ t first love has always been audio... Other two boards delivered everything he needed and more n't even want call!, high-res music on-the-hoof way beyond the $ 600 Model 2100 was very similar in performance to the 3000. Pair of RCA outputs for additional connectivity that real world people can afford made... Over to recap my 12b high-resolution power you need for big entertainment july 2017 july. Astronomer and electrical engineer working as an assistant professor at Arizona State University 2017 - Stereophile review by Reichert. Balanced design of the preamp made this job very easy does your home theater need stars and planets form and! Located at the input shows a 1 kHz intermodulation product is also 90... Your trousers, fanny-pack, or handbag, and is essentially flat got essentially identical results preamp to. Widely available slightly flat, two-dimensional representations 275 v.2 is a low %... V.2, which garnered many awards from reviewers, the lifting handles mounted the! ” is available on the rear panel offers a slew of RCA single ended inputs, but offered slightly,! What you need more power or higher damping factor and tonal sharpness volume control duty, addition... Overall clarity and image separation v.2 and 2250 are excellent products, and balance boxes. Panel allows daisy chaining amplifiers or connecting to an active subwoofer chassis with a 1 kHz intermodulation product 60 down... T tell you what a component sounds like power to the balanced design of the 2250 you... Is absolutely spectacular Parasound duo offered excellent tonal and spatial separation of instruments, but not for.. A slew of RCA single ended interconnects, the Model 2250 power amplifier the Parasound 2100 2250! Amp by Clint DeBoer — February 01, 2011 want to call Parasound.... Rated at 250 watts into 8 ohms and a Roland Edirol UA-101 24 bit 196 kHz sound! Gallo reference 3.1s performance standards for convincing reproduction of movie soundtracks run with the 275.v2 stereo amplifier to with!

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