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Creatives_introTan Kok Haw (also known as Leo) is a student and part-time barista in Penang, Malaysia.

Merchant's Lane

Merchant’s Lane

What sparked your interest in cafes?

I love to drink coffee and like to set up a flatlay on the table and have a shot too! If my life without coffee, I can’t stay alive well and become sleepy anytime!! Not only that, I also interest about coffee too, as a part-timer barista, I need to explore lot of cafes and research that their environment, which brand of coffee bean they using, how their coffee taste, etc. So, sometime I will cafe hopping with my friends and gang.


The Populous Coffee & Food Co.

…a person should be aware when tasting coffee is clean, sweet with a desirable weight and pleasant bitterness.



Free the Robot

How long have you been documenting the cafes around the cities you visit? And particular ones that standout?

I been explore the cafes around the cities I visit, started from December 2015 before I going to Johor Bahru, Malaysia start my internship there. So I explored around Johor Bahru(Where I intern), Singapore, Kuala Lumpur(Where I studies) and Penang(Hometown).

People do different things at a cafe, some read, some relax, and some set up shop to get work done. What do you do?

Mostly I went to cafe for have a research (as I said above), and take a nice flatlay on table such as table situation. And share to my Instagram’s follower. Moreover, I also will visit cafe when I have some assignment or have a revise there.


Flower in the Window

What should a person be aware of when tasting coffee? Should they paying attention to certain flavors? Are certain tastes common to a certain type of coffee?
Actually, a person should be aware when tasting coffee is clean, sweet with a desirable weight and pleasant bitterness. The main characteristics to look for across the board are sweetness, acidity, body, and cleanliness, and if there is a lingering aftertaste, of course, you want it to be pleasant.

Sea & Saw

Also, what is your favorite type of coffee roast?

I would like Tanzania Karatu EST. Coffee Bean, The reason why I like this coffee bean because it won’t be like dark roasted coffee bean and very strong of bitterness, because not everyone can suitable for it. Tanzania Karatu EST. Coffee Bean is the Middle Roasted, not so strong and not so light too!

Atlas Coffee Embassy

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