How Emilie Sobels is Revolutionizing Female Coworking Spaces with Hashtag Workmode

Creatives_intro  Hashtag Workmode is a co-working space concept for girlbosses, located in the heart of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Hashtag Workmode supports young, creative female entrepreneurs and freelancers to chase their dreams by offering them an inspiring work place with like minded people. The company has been founded by Emilie Sobels (28) in July 2015 (this Friday is our 1st birthday!) and has a small team of 4 ladies.

Why and how did you get into this venture?

As a young entrepreneur I co-founded an online fashion community during my studies at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. The company grew quickly and before I knew it, we had a team of 35 enthusiastic ladies and a few men working at the office. We joined forces with a lot of international influencers and my network of (mostly female) creatives grew within no-time. After 6 years of working as its fashion director on various projects, I decided it was time for a new challenge. By offering my network a physical space where they can work on their business and projects, I connect the people I know and make sure they can learn and inspire each other.


We have had many positive interactions; such as girls teaming up for larger projects for specific clients, or simply swapping services 


How is #workmode different from other coworking spaces?

We target female entrepreneurs and freelancers only, and focus on ladies that are active in the online and creative field. Think online influencers (bloggers, vloggers, instagrammers), journalists, web designers, web developers, social media creators, copywriters and ladies with their own online stores.

Is #workmode made exclusively for ladies?

That’s right 🙂

What’s the future plans for #workmode? What can people look forward to in the next 6-12 months?
A lot! We are launching an exciting project at the end of the year, we’re working towards more locations in the Netherlands in the coming year and hope to expand over boarders too.
Is there a rate chart for working at #workmode?
(Do you offer daypasses, or monthly memberships only?)
We offer contracts for 3 and 6 months, both are available for flex desks (3 days a week) and permanent spots (full time, your own desk). Prices start at €150 per month and include the use of fast Wi-Fi, strong coffee, fresh tea and a bunch of other perks, such as meetups, sport sessions and access to exclusive events.

What positive interactions with other women have you encountered/observed in the Hashtag Workmode Coworking spaces?

We have had many positive interactions; such as girls teaming up for larger projects for specific clients, or simply swapping services, ie: photography skills for copywriting, SEO knowledge for branding activities and coaching sessions for webdesign services.

Creatives_favespotTips on how to run a successful business that focuses on a niche group: 
  1.  Find out where your target groups hangs online: meaning, what social media platform do they use and how do they use it? For us that’s Instagram and we engage with our community in the way they engage too.
  2. Try to interact with your target group offline too: go to events where they go to and talk, talk, talk and talk some more.
  3.  Find out what private groups on Facebook your target group uses and what they use it for. This gives a good insight in someone’s needs and behaviour.



Creatives_connect Best way to connect:

You can catch up on Emilie’s adventures on Instagram and learn more on Hashtag Workmode 


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