Far Leaves Tea, Berkeley, CA

Far Leaves Tea—2626 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702


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“Far Leaves Tea is about enjoying the process of making and serving tea with other people and leaving the outside world far behind. Having tea is an excellent human endeavor. While waiting for water to boil. strangers can become acquainted. While pouring, common courtesies can be afforded, and while savoring the tea, friendships begin. Anyone can become a tea master.”—Far Leaves Tea.


We’ve been to no less than a dozen workspaces around the East Bay, and this has been one of our favorites.

We first discovered this gem a few months back while scouting for all the potential workspaces near Berkeley. It’s a tearoom; an atypical workspace that we thought would be a flop when we first decided to visit. We couldn’t be more wrong.
What hides behind the subtle store front was an exotic and cozy space filled with scent of tea leaves. Quiet and peaceful. Better yet, it’s got plenty outlets (because they offer electric water heater for each table) and reliable wifi. The venue is relatively tiny; 20 occupants would pack the place. But, I suppose due to its far distance from downtown and the college campus, it’s usually empty when we swing by.


Beautiful spot.

Did I mention they offer more than 60 variety of teas?

Tea accessories? Look no further. P7154239-2 P7154247-2 P7154249-2

At the back of the shop has a shoe-free seating area.P7154248-2

No plastic cups here. Each tea is complemented by a specific vessel and technique to optimize its taste. I had the everyday green, bit bitter to mouth for the initial sip, then comes the sweetness. P7084234 P7154242-2


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  • Najva Sol

    2015-08-27 at 9:17 AM Reply

    AH! I love this spot. So hidden, so perfect.

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