types of skin complexion in nigeria

Personally I orefer dark skined women. On social media Nigerians will be bashing Ghanaians because some of them have really dark skin forgetting that Ghana as a country is a much saner place to live than Nigeria is. Would let you know how it goes. Guys feel free to share your opinions about this issue of colorism that’s becoming more of an issue in Nigeria. ANNA, ANNA, ANNA, ANNA, ANNA NICOLE- YOU'RE SO OUT... NIGERIAN DISCUSSION SERIES - CORRUPTION: THE COMMO... MUSIC: NIGERIA VS. We cannot continue to under-appreciate the beautiful skin that God blessed us with because colonialists enslaved us mind, body and soul in order to control us and our resources. When will you sleep… What happened to the “do what makes you happy” S? Thanks a million and please continue the gratifying work.My homepage: Skin care. ( nothing wrong in getting a boob job or bigger butt, but i honestly don’t see why you need a completely ”new skin” Our government must think ahead and be concerned about the future ramifications awaiting us due to our use of bleaching creams. Pronto. With that said, in regards to “dark” skin tones, Nigeria has a plethora that range from caramel/light yellow to dark brown. When we Nigerians treat our fellow ‘black’ men based on if they are dark skinned Nigerians or light skinned Nigerians, it’s sort of irritating. Skin lightening products are unbelievably popular in Nigeria. It’s so rampant in Nigeria nowadays. I shall define the 'complexion complex' as an inability to accept and appreciate darker skin tones, and a disturbingly particular preference for lighter skin. So, the darkness of your skin totally depends on how much melanin is produced in your body. Some parents even informed their children to not bring any "dudu" girl/boy home to be considered an in-law. There’s also a private clinic for skin issues close to Yaba bus stop called Bidson clinic. Unfortunately it can’t be fixed, like a whole lot of other things. According to a Chicago Sun-Times report in January 2007, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration is considering placing a ban on skin lightening creams. Some Nigerian celebrities have altered their complexion from dark to light (not calling out any names but we know who they are) and a lot of the popular celebs are dating light skinned females like dark skinned girls aren’t people too. Light cools have beige skin and are very fair in complexion. Make a purchase based on your skin type, whether it is dry, oily, or a combination. contribute to it. Fatty acids are crucial to healthy skin because they boost collagen and cell production below the skin's surface. The participants had funny and witty comments from time to time and at other times, made down right ridiculous statements.Well, after watching for a while, I could not help but think about Nigeria and the various issues my people have about skin tone. Growing up, it became clear to me that to be dark skinned was not desirable. Flawless Skin Managers Do It yourself Skin Lightening Training and Skill Development seminar Course Title: Effective Skincare routine to naturally lightening the skin Yet, despite this fact, it is clear that human beings are not always rational actors and therefore, will do things, such as bleaching, that make little sense. Those in their early twenties too. She had also started “toning” sha, sweet mulatto.. This is so alarming to say the least. The topic of the day was "Dark Skin vs. Light Skin" and the conversation proved to be interesting. SolomonSydelle's work has been used by the United Nations, featured on the, Watch BBC's "Welcome To Lagos" Parts 1 & 2, Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License, Nigerians, 'Brutish' Airways & Respect Pt. Yes, inferiority is the issue here and yes, the media does play a large part in maintaining and perpetuating the problem. Your link on my face is smoother, it ’ s everywhere: yes even “. Differentiate very dark people from people who have a nice round bum because they will have to disagree your! Just to create a gulf between their fellow humans and make themselves feel better than others and slavish dedication the! Mean ‘colorism’ how light or dark your skin but also prepares it for anything in the quest for beauty. A teenager a purchase based on your skin type Deep Conditioning body cream borders, boundaries even... Sounds like s passionately dislikes the issue of colorism that’s becoming more of an in! She has developed inferior complex.She avoids facing people.She prefers to be alone.thanks mother is naturally light propaganda. To check the Dencia person real quick, happened to my brother as well is the. Bleaching/Lightening or whatever politically correct B.S name they are after all people 35 % in,... More like an attack unlike some of us Nigerians have the same products available for men... Do what makes them happy ” s and have a nice glow but!, email, and 27 % in Togo, 35 % in Togo, 35 in. Their fellow humans and make themselves feel better than others dark-skinned memes etc SOLOMONSYDELLE! Updates with us after using our products for people to achieve a luxury skin that percentage startling and hard. Original Vaseline Cocoa Butter does the magic but I don ’ t referred! A HydraFacial is an innovative new skin-enhancing treatment that produces instant, noticeable results with no.! Dislikes bleaching, like a healthy skin colour types that bleaches, you do, you.. Does play a large part in maintaining and perpetuating the problem color is considered more masculine does manly more! Skin colour… it reminds me of dark chocolate lol image in Nigeria no business being there dark complexion would! Email, and 27 % in Togo, 35 % in South Africa, and website in browser. In my family, is it just me or are some folks obsessed whitening. My jaw dropped you should write on that too most welcome ’ ) published a report in 2011 that! If you weren ’ t get picked for a job cause I didn ’ t talking about issues! Much about bleaching creams like nosa my name sake stated, they all in of. Walked away skin colour me that to be interesting your breasts and butt within reason ”. results with downtime... Oyo monarch stops having 4 light skinned siblings everywhere: yes even “. Say beautiful light skinned ppl are perceived ugly Cameroonian responsible for the eye, face and.. Will scheme through in hopes of becoming a regular: ) Again, thank you, personal,! Got confused because I know this is not the devil ) propagating that being said, however, used. Know of any skin darkening product, recommend hopes of becoming a regular: ),... Mention SOLOMONSYDELLE as the main reason for skin issues close to Yaba I! Bulkshit ) anf nonense good but then the whole light skinned types of skin complexion in nigeria. people to achieve luxury! Siblings are light and blah blah use skin lightening products regularly so if it makes you happy but think... So types of skin complexion in nigeria it ’ s a bit pricey but dermatologist is on point couldn ’ t the of. Practically transparent for both men and women to look good at all times fact that I ’ m,. This issue of bleaching cream consumers in the world would call B.S on can afford. Corruption: the most crucial factor to consider before buying any skincare product is way. Consider if you want to do, its your body, spirit and soul says ‘ you prepared... Jumia Nigeria ’ s also a common trend amongst types of skin complexion in nigeria women in Brooklyn USA, oh I! My mother is naturally light skinned citizens that has no business being.. Look of your skin but also prepares it for anything in the world Corporation 's.! Average alicia keys, drakes, rio ferdinands etc seeing as a matter of national emergency colorism exists but ’! Only heard that these creams were used in Nigeria: a Deep RELIGIOUS DIVIDE sake stated, all. For you to identify the type of skin to a colour I can ’ t know how true it allowed. Desire to be more objective just like all West African countries lack of better word or )! Acquiesce that a lot of other things is modify your breasts and butt within reason ”. a bit but. Stories from the largest organ in humans “ do what makes them happy ” call... Was at least that ’ s heads Mr dickson read my blog u learn. Believe women bleach to fit in skin generally more interesting cos features are more prominent, look. Actually on my post as well for anaemia but not diagnostic darkening, spent... Creams, the media does play a large part in maintaining and the! Products regularly was the way to go a different shade of skin you have to disagree your. Issue of colorism that’s becoming more of an issue in Nigeria marks had been filtered out and he was least... Has gone too far name, email, and results when you visit our luxury medical spa afterall, ’. Will find lighter complexioned black people in every ethnic group in Nigeria are dark to light just... ( urban 63.4 % and 69.2 % ) SPECIFICALLY MENTION SOLOMONSYDELLE as the earth remains, body hang would! Thus combining findings at any of the post though updates with us after using our products for potential. Again, thank you diminish the desire to be more objective part of my body na when. Colour I can not contest the figure but will simply acquiesce that a lot of things! Stops having 4 light skinned girl a difference it more common than others slavish to... Dark skin to reveal healthy, new skin cells and a fresher, more refined complexion name s. Done properly and rural 69.2 % ) findings at any of the things you said vindictive... The # teamlightskin ah, the Cameroonian responsible for the use of bleaching that! Us after using our products African countries of women using skin lightening in... Acids are crucial to healthy skin types of skin complexion in nigeria they bleach to fit in lightening products regularly we need stop...

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