Get Shit Done—Pennant


-Material: Wool felt.
-9” x 27”
-Made in USA

Salute to those who put words to action.
The world moves forward by those who get shit done.


Made in USA

We source high-quality wool and cotton from within the US—Absolutely no synthetics. Each pennant was hand-sewn from Buffalo, New York.




The pennants were designed in California and handcrafted in New York.
Each is made out of 3 individual parts—tie, band, and the flag.
And the components were closely inspected before constructing into
the 9×27″ single color flocked pennant.

To the doers.

Pennant is a symbol of celebration.
And here we raise our glasses to those that get shit done.


Our partner for this project

Oxford Pennant

Buffalo, New York

Product made possible by Oxford Pennant. The company is based in Buffalo, NY, operated by Dave Horesh & Brett Mikoll. The brand designs and manufactures vintage wool & cotton pennants that can stand the test of time.

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