Standing Desk


Crafted from 18mm birch plywood, the Standing Desk is solid and sturdy yet lightweight and is compatible with every kind of laptop or mobile device on the market.

Main body: 18mm Birch Plywood
Hooks: Stainless steel
Laptop shelf: 400 x 218mm
Keyboard shelf: 475 x 203mm

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Put health first

Standing up increases your metabolism when compared to sitting. It improves blood circulation and reduces heart disease. Standing up also presents upper and lower cross syndrome which leads to shoulder stain and tension headaches.


Made in London

We strive to source everything locally. This includes working with a process that includes rapid and CNC cutting with local manufacturers. All aspects of this product was made locally in London.





Customize it

The standing desk was designed to be flexible. It’s fully customizable according to your needs.


Scandi Modern Minimalist and it is completely adjustable but weighs just 5kgs. Crafted from 18mm birch plywood.



Standing while working improves your productivity by up to 10%* as your brain receives more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood filled with mood enhancing chemicals.

*Julia Gifford, ReadWrite (Sept. 2013)




Don’t lose sight of your well-being. Work hard, but also work healthily.


Our partner for this project



All designs go through an intense screening process and only around 5% actually get to go through to prototype and from that around 5% become pieces that we move into production.


Humble Works

London, United Kingdom

Being an entrepreneur I surrounded my self with like minded people and always found myself working for long periods of time in cool trendy coffee shops or co-working spaces which really wasn’t conducive to my well being ie my posture took a real beating.

We wanted to find a way to solve this and realised we have have a ‘Golden Goose’ of opportunities at our disposal through our very own Youmakeit platform ( which brings bespoke products to life by connecting people who want bespoke products to product designers and then to makers. We realised we had a great way to prove that Youmakeit worked by building a brand that supported wellbeing in the workplace.

A way to improve productivity through products that didn’t need to make bold statements but through a clean and modern style could blend seamlessly within any environment. This required an entirely new identity that couldn’t simply be an emergence of Youmakeit but needed to be a brand in its own right with its own story to tell.

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