Progress Report + Top 10 Pioneers

Work may be hard, but finding a place to work shouldn’t be.
With the joint effort of our Pioneers, we have added 965 locations across 28 countries.
It’s not earth shattering, but it’s progress. Slowly, but steadily, we’re making it easier (even just so slightly at the moment) for the people to find a good cafe, library, or co-working space to get work done.


Beta App

On May 5th, we just released our latest update with a few new features and improvements below.


  • New built-in wifi speed test for adding locations.
  • Fixed bug where added-spots and reviewed-spots doesn’t update immediately.
  • Attempted layout issue fix on side menu.
  • Revised blank search for a location to default to map-view
  • Able to report locations.
  • Editing locations are now submitted for review if a non-original submitter tries to edit a location.


If you don’t see these changes in your beta app, check your inbox for emails from iTunes, or just shoot us a line. And if you’re here for the first and would like to try the app—join us and become a WHA Pioneer.


Top 10 Pioneers with most locations added

They explored and scouted, the following are the top 10 pioneers that added the most spots.
As of 5/13/15:

#1. @codytatman—35 spots


#2. @radnomad—28 spots


#3. @michelles_kitchen—27 spots


#4. @keziaponiman—24 spots


Tie at #5. @carolynrey—21 spots


Tie at #5. @hungrebecca—21 spots


#7. @kosiobg—17 spots


Tie at #8. @9count—15 spots


Tie at #8. @alexandrei64—15 spots


#10. @richardcheesecurd—14 spots


Thanks again, Pioneers!
Keep up the good work,

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