Ruler + Bracelet
Double loop leather ruler bracelet. Handmade in California.

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At Work Hard Anywhere, we want to produce quality, useful, and beautiful products for the community of creatives. This time we teamed up with LA based leather goods brand, The Goods, to craft an item that deserves to be a part of one’s everyday carry—A 100% genuine leather ruler bracelet at a length of 14″ and 16″, or 36cm to 40cm. It’s a range beyond many traditional rulers and it sits around your wrist.

Form & Function

A blend of utility and style. Engraved with measurements, the extra long genuine leather ruler bracelet wraps elegantly twice around the wrist.




Each bracelet was crafted by hand and individually inspected.We partnered with The Goods to design and produce the bracelets in Los Angeles, California, USA.

“Not everything that counts can be counted,
and not everything that can be counted counts.”


Mantra to live by, engraved in the center of the band.

Measurements of centimeter and inches are engraved at the edges of each side of the bracelet.


100% genuine leather.
Gun metal enclosure.
Available in two sizes: 14 inches & 16 inches.

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Everyday Carry Bracelet

It’s become a part of our co-founder, Benson Chou’s everyday carry. Part accessory, part tool, the ruler bracelet’s minimal design and multifunctional elements made this one of his favorite items.

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the_goods_logoBorn and raised in the streets of Los Angeles, The Goods are made for the modern individual. Strong yet sophisticated, savvy yet simple, our style deals in substance.

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Ruler + Bracelet
Double loop leather ruler bracelet. Handmade in California.

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