Stanza Coffee Bar

My wife works in the Castro area in San Francisco, CA nearly every Thursday. And since I’m typically the chauffeur, I’d use the opportunity to explore cafes and work-friendly space around the city.

Cody’s with me this time and we stumbled across this cozy spot at the edge of Mission District.

Stanza_0002_mission district copy

Greeted us from its open front patio are huge murals by Jeffrey Cheung. One of the few artists that I know that has the most legible signature. Thank you, Jeff, this makes crediting the artist much easier.
Stanza_0005_mural by jeffrey cheung copy
The cafe curates a series of drawings and paintings by Jeff. The theme seem to be “interesting activities between (mostly naked) men”.

//Pardon the in-cohesive lighting, I was sidetracked by work and didn’t grab the shots of the place till hours into the evening.


The interior is spacious, but they only offer limited amount of seats. And only the section before the bar offer outlets.




The shop was well decorated with tasteful gadgets.

One thing I know for sure, Stanza really got their wifi game down. Lightning wifi; its upload speed exceeds some of the cafe’s download speed.


I worked right across from Cody, adjacent to the front door.
Stanza_0017_Rectangle 2 copy 3
Mind the gap. The door couldn’t be fully closed as people enter or exit, allowing puffs of cold-ass-winter-night-wind to keep me company, which prove to be very distracting. There’s a quick way to resolve this, though, is by pulling the door inward and having the gap open on the inside (now opposite of where I was sitting), thus guiding the visitors to push the door in when they enter and pull the door as they head out.

Cool backyard area:

Stanza_0023_backyard outdoor space copy


Anyone can be on the cover of the TIME Magazine in their restroom.



WHA Certified.

Stanza_0028_spot rating copy


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