WHA Trips—Maldives—Day 4

9:34AM For day 4, we left our island and ventured into another, one that's slightly larger. This island hoppin' day trip is one of the many activities our hotel offered. It was not free and there was a requirement of at least 10 attendees before we set sail. Several groups before us never...

WHA Trips—Maldives—Day 3

8:24AM Day 3 of the trip; our second day on the island. Still jet-lagged but nothing stopped us from getting up early for our first full day on this honeymoon paradise. Back at their main restaurant, the only spot that served breakfast: Although breakfast comes with our stay, nothing's shy of quality.  Aside from the...

WHA Trips—Maldives—Day 1&2

I've done a bit of traveling this past few months around Asia. Of the many destinations, the most notable would be my honeymoon trip to Maldives—the ultimate honeymoon fantasy land according to many, my wife included. I was skeptical, though. I knew little about Maldives except it's slowly sinking and the price...

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