Today’s office: HanaHaus, Palo Alto, CA

HanaHaus—456 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301


todays_office_elements-02—Free at cafe. Lightning speed: 20.61 download, 17.12 upload (mbps).
todays_office_elements-03—Few, only available on the standing desk near the center of the indoor venue.
todays_office_elements-04—Fair amount of seats. Available both indoor and outdoor.
todays_office_elements-05—Can be difficult to find a spot. Most have 2 hours limit.
todays_office_elements-06—Noisy & crowded from noon to late afternoon.

Coworking space:
Single seats—$3/hour
Group seats—$10-35/hour
Conference room—$75/hour
Quiet room (2 seats)—$15/hour

HanaHaus is a café and community workspace that fosters a vibrant culture of technology innovation. It is located in one of Palo Alto’s most historic buildings, the “New Varsity Theater” on University Avenue. Designed to be a place where people work, learn and play, HanaHaus offers the best of café culture with numerous add-on services and events.

This is its front door: 20133840-2
It’s a historic theater turn fancy open roof cafe. I’ve passed by this spot multiple times but never knew it nested a cafe. Aside from being oblivious about my surrounding, I gotta say the exterior from a glance certainly does not shout “cafe”.  I probably wouldn’t have ever considered walking in if it weren’t added on our app and shared to me by our pioneer, Tiara.

They serve Blue Bottle, a delicious Oakland based coffee roaster. This is a plus. 4

Beautiful outdoor seating with sunbathed techies across the floor. The venue provides lots of room for start-up founders and hackers to get that sunshine that they probably haven’t had for weeks. 20133848-2

The only downside (probably by design) is that they offer NO outlets outdoor. So, the vitamin-D deficients can only absorb as much as their laptop battery life. I would love to work out here, but due to my near death bed battery, I’m better off securing a seat indoor that’s near an outlet. 20133851-2 20133852-2

Elegant interior complemented by the scent of coffee, this is the spot to be. 20133845-2 20133844-2

The indoor venue splits into two major sections: 1. The public open space for coffee:3

And 2. The coworking space beyond those bouncers. 1

This is where Cody and I set up shop. The only source of outlets. 2

And here we have Cody hustling away. 520133863-2 20133865-2

A quick look at our app for those that haven’t signed up to use our private beta, yet. 20133859-2
Stunning space. Will come again, but will only stay if I could secure one of the outlets.
// Props to our pioneer, Ming Li @limpub, that added this space to our app!

’til next spot,

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