We Don’t Fly, We Levitate

On May fourth, while people are celebrating and reposting their favorite joke for the occasion, “May the Fourth be with you,” we had a spontaneous collaboration. From ideation, discussion, to execution and publishing in less than 3 hours. The rollout was like an iced cold Corona on the Miami beach—just perfect.


The Spark


Connor, a long time friend, and a few of his buddies started a project called “We Levitate“, a hashtag turn instagram account aim to highlight the best levitation photos. I’m a fan have been following since inception. And I wasn’t the only one; they’ve gotten more than 2000 submissions just over a few months.

Now, when May fourth came along and I saw this photo…


An idea sparked and I knew I had to reach out for a collab.


The People


Behind We Levitate stand 3 masterminds. Connor, Erick, and Rock.
Connor and Erick are photographers by trade, Rock’s part of the phenomenal dance crew—Jabbawockeez. They’re a team that push limits and think outside the box. They gathered and started W.L. 14 weeks ago when they saw the comeback of the “levitation” shots.

Before Work Hard Anywhere, I’ve worked with Connor on multiple occasions. He’s a creative genius with an uncontainable amount of energy ready to produce great work, which made us super stoked to get this going.


The Execution Presentation

WHA collaborates with creatives and brands to offer a series of wallpapers. They’re like our virtual bumper stickers. And it’s free to download, making it the easiest way for one to show support. This time’s no different.

I reached out to Connor around noon, and he dug up the archive and sent me half a dozen of his favorites 20 minutes later. After minor post-production, the wallpapers were ready. But it didn’t end there because we understand the presentation is just as important as the product itself and a simple crop of the wallpaper for a Instagram post just wouldn’t do W.L.’s images justice.

The idea was simple—something has to levitate.

We used Michelle’s 13″ laptop, a much lighter laptop than my ’09 macbook pro, as the prop for the feature image. Michelle did the photo taking and I did the throwing. By the time we had 6 failed attempts, I began to appreciate my recent routine morning workouts and started to believe all the levitators share one superpower—the power of commitment. Capturing the object at the right angle at the right time can be painfully (literally) laborious.


Finally, at the 43rd try.


And for this shot, we decided to ask our friend Photoshop for a little help instead of breaking a $1000 dollar machine.


Enjoy the wallpapers, grab them here.
Thanks again to the WeLevitate team for the mind bending images.

’til next time,

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