WHA Creatives: Eden Wu—Photographer

Creatives_intro Eden’s a multifaceted creative—she’s a graphic designer, travel blogger, and a serious photo enthusiast (so far). I’ve known Eden way before the inception of WHA; back in my college days. We’ve worked on various projects and now we’re teaming up again for a series of wallpapers for the community. It’s been a delight seeing the growth of her passion and the different endeavors she takes in the field of photography.

Creatives_favespot Current Favorite Work-space: Caffe HABITU for their unlimited wifi and original signature coffee – her personal favorite is their earl grey latte.


Creatives_Q Why and how did you get into photography?
I studied abroad in the summer of 2012 in Europe and got to visit London, Paris, Mont Blanc and Rome all in just one month. I fell in love with photography after capturing so many beautiful architectures and landscapes. It is also very therapeutic for me when I go home and edit my work.

Creatives_Q How long have you been shooting and what gear do you shoot with?
I’ve been shooting for a little less than three years. I used to carry my Canon EOS Rebel T2i (aka EOS 550D) around a lot but now I shoot from my iPhone more often because it’s just more portable. I also have a Moment Wide lens for my phone in case I want to capture landscape photos on the go.


Creatives_Q What was the moment when you decided to pursue this professionally?
I wouldn’t say I am a professional yet, but I decided to step up my photography game after going to my first Instameet in Hong Kong just half a year ago. Before going, I didn’t feel comfortable sharing my photos on Instagram publicly. But after meeting a lot of aspiring and professional photographers at the event, I found that Instagram is a very supportive community and decided to change my approach to photography.


Creatives_Q What’s the toughest challenge you face as a photographer?
I think the toughest challenge as a photographer is to figure out your own style, in terms of shooting and editing. I am still figuring that out myself and I like to try different editing techniques depending on the photo or my mood at the time.

Shooting portraits is also a challenge I am facing now because I am so used to shooting only buildings and landscapes.

Creatives_Q Any photographer(s) you lookup to? 
Listed below were the first few photographers I discovered and started following when I decided to pursue photography professionally. The way they shoot and edit their architecture and landscape photos really sets the mood and sometimes I feel like I am seeing the architecture in person through their work.

@djaeoutlaw, Djae Outlaw
@insighting, Giovanni Elao

Creatives_Q Are you working on any personal projects you’d like share?
I started a travel blog (http://adventuresofeden.net/) for myself to document my study abroad trip back in 2012. I continued from that and added trips I’ve gone since then. It’s on hiatus for awhile because I am not the best at keeping a blog going. BUT I hope to break that habit and have new content on there soon!

Creatives_Q What advice would you give a novice in the field?
Go out there and start shooting! It’s the only way you can understand yourself as a photographer and improve. Also, don’t be afraid to network and go to Instameets (or any photography events)! Expose yourself to other people’s work, learn from them, and push yourself to be better than you were yesterday.


Creatives_connect Best way to connect:
Email: wu.edenmt@gmail.com
Website: www.edenwu.com

Creatives_wallpaper Latest Collaboration with WHA


Laptop Wallpaper

Phone Wallpaper


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