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Creatives_intro Erica was once a news reporter and now telling stories about coffee and travel. She’s from Newport Beach, California but has travelled a lot. Ever since she started The Coffee Nomad lifestyle 2 years back, she’s been chasing the next best coffee from the West Coast to Barcelona. She hopes to go further and deeper into the roots of the coffee industry.

Creatives_favespot Current Favorite Cafes (typically we ask for one, but we had to ask her for at least three of her favorites) 

You’ve put me in a really, really tight spot here. 😉

  • Davis Street Espresso in Dallas, TX – It’s one of those cafes that every time I go in I feel like I’m in a magical little setting. The interior is dark wood, rustic and beautiful attention to detail and amazing coffee. That space is actually designed to be more of a showroom for the coffee they roast rather than a coffee shop. They are primarily a roaster and the local restaurants and coffee shops use and sell their beans. But man, they nailed the coffee shop vibes. There’s a gutted out trolley in the back with little round tables inside for you to sip on your cortado and it’s just lovely. Texas was also one of the first places I started falling in love with coffee so it will always have a place in my heart.


  • Four Barrel in San Francisco, CA – I guess I am a sucker for the wooden, rustic aesthetics. There were a lot of things in there that brought me back to Texas. I also loved how they had one bar completely dedicated to pour-overs and another serving their standard drinks which were all fantastic. I also love that the roaster is in a unique spot. A lot of third-wave coffee shops these days are placing the roaster right up front with the customers with a bar and stools for people to watch but that can actually be quite bothersome to roasters. Many of them enjoy the roasting aspect because they don’t have to deal with people. Four Barrel places the roaster way behind everything and you can still watch from a distance and its fantastic. And obviously the coffee was spot on.


  • C.C. Ferns Chicago, IL – This place is pretty new and is a hidden gem. The whole cafe is built into the back of this long time, famous bar, “California Clippers (hence “C.C.”) and as a result feels and looks like a speakeasy. They have creative, cocktail-inspired espresso drinks that you absolutely have to try. I found the Cuban Latte to be especially comforting in the brutal, Chicago winter. It was like a little cortado with cinnamon and rum and it was delicious.




C.C. Ferns, Chicago, IL


Creatives_QHow long have you been traveling/working on The Coffee Nomad?
I think it has been two years now but I really became more dedicated to it this past year.


C.C. Ferns, Chicago, IL

Creatives_Q Is running The Coffee Nomad your full-time career? If not, what else do you currently do professionally?
One day it very well might be even though that was never the plan. Right now I am freelancing in digital marketing and social media, and am a producer for a film production company.


“Be open-minded but don’t be stupid.”

Four Barrel, San Francisco, CA


Creatives_Q What type of coffee do you usually order at cafes?
I almost always do a cortado (also known as a Gibraltar or Gaspar, but because I first sipped on cortados in Barcelona years ago I am sticking to cortado here folks). I love it because it’s a great way to taste espressos. Espresso Machiattos also do the job.

Creatives_Q What’s the toughest challenge you face (or faced) as a traveler?
My biggest challenge, ironically enough, is a sense of directions. I’ve always been awful at them whether at home or overseas – but sometimes it can make for great stories.

Creatives_Q Where do you usually get work done while on the road??
Mainly cafes. Sometimes the wifi is a struggle, but I have found libraries to be a great resource as well.

Davis Street Espresso, Dallas, TX


Creatives_Q Any nomadic traveler(s) you lookup to
Anthony Bourdain is my idol. I love that food is his vehicle to explore a place’s culture, history, politics, etc. I aim to do the same with coffee. And then on instagram I just love @ThisWildIdea. He does road trips with his dog all over the country (and world) and is an incredible photographer with capturing light and landscapes. I plan to do that with Lobo, my pup, someday.


thecoffeenomad-5Davis Street Espresso, Dallas, TX


Creatives_Q Are you working on any personal projects you’d like share?
Well, the entire coffee blog is sort of a personal project. My goal though is to get to a coffee farm so hopefully I can make that happen soon:)

Creatives_Q What advice would you give a novice traveler?
Be open-minded but don’t be stupid. There are so many, incredibly kind and generous people out there but always, always be cautious, have some guard up, and use your common sense. I hate to say it, but yes – being a girl does make a difference. You just have to be smart about it.


Davis Street Espresso, Dallas, TX

Creatives_connect Best way to connect:
Instagram has seem to be the most popular platform for her.

Follow her caffeinated journey through The Coffee Nomad.

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