WHA Creatives: Esther Huynh—Photographer

Creatives_intro Esther is a Dallas, TX based photographer and a WHA Pioneer since our early days. We’ve collaborated once in the past and now going at it again. She’s worked with Woot!, Audrey Magazine, and Shoebacca in the past and now working full time as an independent photographer.

Creatives_favespot Current Favorite Work-space: Dallas Public Library


Creatives_Q Why and how did you get into photography?
I started off with a small iZone sticky camera for Christmas and just enjoyed being able to capture moments. It wasn’t until I was in my second year of college that made me realize that I wanted to pursue photography seriously.

Creatives_Q How long have you been shooting? And when you decided to do this full time?
I’ve been shooting for about five or six years now. I just actually left my job of nearly three years at an Amazon Subsidiary a month ago lol.

Creatives_Q What’s the toughest challenge you face as a photographer?
As a photographer, so far my toughest challenge is being able to shoot and feel original. With social media being more accessible and prominent, you find yourself among a million other creatives going for the same thing and you have to ask yourself constantly how can you be better and more unique without taking the YOU out of it. It’s hard. But those same people are the best motivator for getting you to push harder.


Creatives_Q Any photographer(s) you lookup to? 
Mary Ellen Mark – She doesn’t care about trends and documents livelihoods without interruptions. RIP MEM.
Annie Leibovitz – She defines what vanity and theatrical portraits should look like. Her lighting is soft and very lush. And she knows to group people together effortlessly.
Steve McCurry – he takes travel and people to a whole new level. You get the most altruistic photographs of others around the world. And it’s not easy going there and letting people trust you to photograph them. I mean seriously, “Afghan Girl” – it’s photojournalistic gold.

Creatives_Q Are you working on any personal projects you’d like share?
I feel that I’m in a good place to approach my work with a lot more confidence and time. Currently I’m working on rebuilding and rebranding my portfolio. Website re-launch coming soon! =)

Creatives_Q What advice would you give a novice in the field?
There’s so much I can think of! Don’t compare yourself to others. Be a sponge – soak up techniques, skills, ask questions, do an apprenticeship. Read the effin’ camera manual. Work hard and don’t look back. And above all stay true to yourself.


Creatives_connect Best way to connect:
Instagram: @estherhuynh
Email: ejhuynh@gmail.com
Website coming soon: http://www.estherhphoto.com/

Creatives_wallpaper Latest Collaboration with WHA

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