WHA Creatives: Leonard Tjoe—Foodgrapher

Creatives_intro Just over the course of a year, using Instagram as his main creative outlet, Leonard Tjoe has already garnered close to 39,000 food loving followers anticipating his next photo. He is a food enthusiast, a coffee addict , and an amateur food photographer from Jakarta , Indonesia.

Creatives_favespot Current Favorite Cafes
My favorite cafés are Luna Negra, Loewy , Union Deli , Uncle Tjhin Bistro , Crematology Coffee Roasters , because they have a beautiful ambiance , great food , comfortable for mind relaxing. It’s really hard to find a good cafe around Jakarta, mostly they just have a good space, but the food tasted so-so  and the worst part is expensive , it was like you paid only for their good space not their food. I don’t have any specific food requirement for a cafe, but delicious coffee is a must 😉




Creatives_Q What’s your career and what do you do professionally?
I work as a general manager at my auntie’s firm; we are an aluminum distributor for architectural needs.

Creatives_Q Why and how did you get into photography and become a foodgrapher?
It was the first year of 2014 when I started instagram-ing and I didn’t know what to post and suddenly I saw a lot of gorgeous photos on instagram and made me think of “how did they make this photo” , then I started learning to capture a good shot of something. My brother gave me a mirrorless camera as my birthday gift and I started using it and I was amazed that the food looked so yummy. Because I really love café-hopping , so I decided to make a gallery of my food journey.

Creatives_Q What does you use to shoot with?
I’ve been shooting for around a year (started Sept. 2014) with my Samsun NX300.


“…just believe in your kind of photography.”

Creatives_Q What’s the toughest challenge you face as a photographer?
The toughest challenge is when I don’t have a good table spot. I really need natural light because I can’t shoot manually. And that’s why I made the hashtag calling myself an amateurfoodgrapher.




Creatives_Q Any photographer(s) you lookup to?
Mostly a table stylists and there’s a thousand of them, I need them to feed me with their style to inspire me and motivate me to do better on mine. To name a few: @Local_Milk @kessara @tworedbowls

Creatives_Q You have gathered a good following on Instagram, do you have any tips for others who’d like to establish a presences on Instagram?
Interact with your followers and with fellow hobbyists. Most importantly, believe in your kind of photography.




Creatives_connect Best way to connect:
Instagram is the best way to chat with me because it’s like I live on it.


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