WHA Creatives: Nick & Stephanie Danforth—Full-time Traveler

Creatives_intro Nick and Steph are one of the first people that joined the family of WHA. They’re Young, married, and have been traveling full-time and working online for the last 2 years!

Hope you’re ready for an epic list of destinations they’ve left their marks: They’re currently in Colorado but heading to Beijing in 3 weeks. Over the past couple years, they’ve road-tripped around the USA in ahome-brew camper van, worked and lived all over Europe (Prague, Paris, Dublin, Barcelona, Budapest, Vienna, etc.), lived and worked in China several times, set up shop on a tropical island in the South of Thailand, explored other cities in Southeast Asia (Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Penang), and have also spent time in Melbourne, Australia.

Creatives_favespot Current Favorite Work-space: ​Without a home or corporate office to go to, some of their favorite offices are airport elite lounges. Free food and drinks, generally good wifi, and comfortable places to sit and work. They also think Co-working spaces are excellent, especially in Southeast Asia!​


van and mountains

Creatives_Q Why and how did you get into full-time traveling??
After getting married, we started taking frequent short trips. I’ve always worked for myself so we had the flexibility. Over time, our trips became longer and longer and I would occasionally work on the road. Eventually we realized that we had the flexibility to be on the road full-time! That’s when we designed and built our own camper van and hit the road in the USA. One thing led to another and after 9 months, we ended up selling the camper and started jet-setting. The rest is history.


snorkeling koh rok
Snorkeling at Koh Rok

Creatives_Q How long have you been a full-time traveler and what are things that you’d always pack no matter where you travel

​2 years on the road full-time, but we’ve been working and traveling in smaller doses for the past 5. Laptops are number one when we’re on the road… I mean… we need to make money 🙂 Other than that, some things that we like to keep around are a small HDMI cable, Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap, packable down jackets, and our Bedrock Sandals.​

Creatives_Q What was the moment that made you decide to pursue full-time traveling?
It wasn’t so much a moment as it was a slowly unfolding realization that our jobs afforded us the flexibility to live anywhere we wanted.


Creatives_Q What do you do to sustain the income while traveling?
I provide business intelligence and consulting services to companies in the music education industry. Steph is a freelance designer and developer. We also make some money from our YouTube channel where we document our daily lives on the road (http://www.youtube.com/homesweetglobe

koh lanta sunset
Koh Lanta sunset

Creatives_Q What’s the toughest challenge you face (or faced) as a full-time traveler?
Developing a sense of community and closeness with friends. It’s hard to maintain relationships when you’re always moving.​

Creatives_QAny other nomadic traveler(s) you lookup to? Why?
Last year in Budapest, we met a Swiss couple in that was on an overland trip from Switzerland to Tokyo. They weren’t traveling full-time, but had been taking extended trips for almost a decade! I think we both admire their sense of adventure and commitment to returning to the road.

great wall
Great Wall of China

Creatives_Q Are you working on any personal projects you’d like share?
We’re slowly starting to put more effort into growing our YouTube channel and producing exciting, interesting, quality content. Steph is developing a website called ShopConscious, which catalogs fashion companies that have ethical practices, give back to communities, use high quality materials, and/or generally do good in the way they operate their businesses.​

Creatives_Q What advice would you give a novice traveler?
Don’t overplan or overthink. Pick somewhere you want to go and just GO. Things have a way of working out, and part of the fun of travel is testing your own resourcefulness in unfamiliar situations. Also, don’t pack too much! A weeks worth of clothes is all you need to travel full-time and it’s much better to lighten your load when you’re going to be on the move.

van and mountains 2

Finally, here’s a quick guide on what to pack by Nick:

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    Wishing Nick & Stephanie all the best. I’ve tries as a Travel Blogger to make an income from my adventures (no success – yet, but I’m still pushing ahead, publishing an article a week). It’s also quite recently I’ve learned about Digital Nomads and the Co-Working Spaces, plus the pros/cons, so I wrote about it in my last article: http://travpacker.com/location-independent-digital-nomads-and-co-working-spaces/ – Still, I haven’t figured out a solution to provide me with a 2nd income, away from corporate. Ideas-I’ve got plenty. Just have to make it work to become truly location independent!

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