WHA Creatives: Ria Sim—Illustrator

Creatives_intro Ria has been in the design industry for about 10 years and she previously owned and sold an event planning company and a floral design studio a few years ago. Her interest in doodling with a mixture of coffee beans, a project she started early 2015 as she familiarize herself with the city of San Francisco, have been capturing lots of attention in the world of Instagram—it was featured on SF Weekly as one of the top 10 IG accounts to follow. We’re very excited to have had the chance to collaborate with Ria for one of our wallpapers!

Creatives_favespot Current Favorite Work-space: Her home. As much as she loves to go to cafes and doodle…her home (with the view of the Bay Bridge) is where creativity takes place.


Creatives_Q Why and how did you get into illustration?
I’m new to Insta (late Feb 2015). When I moved to SF I discovered that this 7×7 has one of the most amazing cafes around. I really don’t know how to make good coffee so I opt to go to cafes and buy my morning cup of heaven. I became inspired by the whole coffee scene and found the “art” behind the cup. So I decided to take pics and post on IG. It was just an outlet of amusement for me. I really didn’t think anyone would follow me nor was that my goal. I was #4 on  SF Weekly Top 10 Instagrams to follow for 2015.

Creatives_Q How long have you been creating illustrations and what tools do you use?
I’ve always had the talent to “doodle” 😉 I started to illustrate soon after I created my IG. I wanted to share my cafe experience but i noticed that so many IG accounts looks the same after awhile. I used my simple black coffee and featured it as props (eyes, nose etc). I started to create lips, glasses, and shortly thereafter characters. I really like surprises so I decided to make my IG a surprise in every post. I like to be unpredictable…keeping my followers wondering and most of all fill my gallery with “happiness”.

Tools I use—Since this all happened so quickly I went to the local drug store and purchased crayola markers, crayola colored pencils, set of 24 colored sharpies, and a good sharpener. I recently discovered an art store on Pacific Av but I’m still using my crayolas and sharpies.


Creatives_Q What was the moment when you decided to pursue this more seriously?
This is just a hobby. I’m having so much fun playing with coffee and adding illustrations around my coffee props.

Creatives_Q What’s the toughest challenge you face as an illustrator?
Well, since I really can’t call myself a professional illustrator I haven’t seen any challenges. Everything I sketch is something I love or inspires me. So there’s no challenge, only fun.

Creatives_Q Any illustrator(s) you lookup to? 
I don’t have an illustrator I look up to really. Being so new, I really haven’t researched illustrators, styles etc. and honestly, I think  it’s better that I don’t categorize myself to a particular style of illustrator.

Creatives_Q Are you working on any personal projects you’d like share?
I’m currently working on a few  interior design projects in the East Bay.


Creatives_Q What advice would you give a novice in the field?
Being a novice myself…all I can share is sketch with your heart, be your own inspiration, and most importantly sketch for you and one day…your sketches will touch the hearts of many.

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Creatives_wallpaper Latest Collaboration with WHA


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