WHA Decals—and how I used them

Who doesn’t like stickers, let alone the 631 Series die-cut indoor grade vinyl decals.
I was a big collector of stickers until someone stole my collection of at least 200 pieces when I was 6 (that bastard). Though, I don’t collect as avidly today, the enthusiasm of receiving and stumbling across a sick sticker never faded.

Like all brands, stickers are the first swag to produce. It’s affordable and the most direct way to establish your brand presence and what you believe in (whether the receiver like it or not). Got these in the mail a couple days ago and couldn’t wait to slap them on all things I own (and city own).

Made the decals in 4 sizes: 1.5″ for cases, rulers, and small appliances. 3″ for phones, notebooks, speedlites. 6″ for something grander such as backpacks, laptops, and people’s foreheads. 10″ is for items that are truly valuable like your car, crib, or new born baby. decals_0002_1.5”

Now on how to apply them.

 1.Select a Medium


Ideal canvas would be objects with hard, smooth surfaces. Though seem fitting, Howie Mandel’s head is not ideal.
Today I’m bombing my laptop, the item that I use the most on a daily basis, with a 10″ to show how much I believe in the brand. decals_0003_the medium


2. Prep the medium

Clean the surface thoroughly.

decals_0004_sand or dust = death of adhesive
Sand or dust’s the nemesis of adhesive. They would lower the life expectancy of the stickers. Avoid them at all cost.

This following step may vary depend on the application.
Since I’ll be positioning it dead center of my laptop, I chose to mark it prior. Most of the time I just freehand.



decals_0007_mark decal cover


3. Decal application

Different from regular stickers, decals come with two layers of adhesive. You’d first pull off the top translucent layer along with the decal, like so:

Make sure all letters/graphics are stuck on the top translucent sheet.

Now hold your breath and paste.decals_0011_application

Before you tear off the top translucent layer, find an object with a curve edge and firmly press against the decals. This step’s to make sure they’re sticking to the canvas firmly. 

decals_0012_curve edge


Finally, erase the pencil lines and clean up the work station.
decals_0014_clean up

If there are air-bubbles underneath the sticker, use a thin blade (x-acto knife) to peel the edge of the sticker closest to the bubble and reapply it. Note: try not to peel the sticker all the way off; just portion of the sticker at a time to retain the position.


4. Enjoy the result


decals_0016_silver on silver

That’s what’s up.

decals_0015_WHA_decals-21.jpg decals_0017_WHA_decals-25.jpg

I also bombed my nylon down jacket. May not last for long, but looks pretty dam good while it stays.

decals_0018_on nylon decals_0019_WHA_decals_-5.jpg

Black on black’s pretty slick, too.
decals_0002_WHA_decals_black-11.jpg decals_0002_WHA_decals_black-10.jpg decals_0002_WHA_decals_black-9.jpg

If you want to grab a few decals, you can get them here.
Big thanks to Vinyl Disorder for making these!



  • Nick Danforth

    2014-12-22 at 7:51 AM Reply

    WANT! I’ve got one of the round stickers on my laptop right now, but these decals look SWEET!

  • domain server

    2016-02-25 at 9:46 PM Reply

    Quick question. Will these cleanly come off of my MacBook Air? When the time comes to sell it and upgrade I would like to sell it sans decals. Thanks!

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