WHA Patch Design Process

This product was not a tacticful-company-goal-oriented decision.
It was rather a selfish one. I’m a big collector of these accessories, from pins to stickers to patches.
I’ve always wanted to make one of my own, but never had any strong idea that I can resonate with. With the birth of WHA, this turnout to be the golden opportunity—a badge that I design and that I can wear proudly and passionately.workhardanywhere_patch-10_blog

Work Hard Anywhere is more than a brand name. It’s the motto that I strive for. I love what I do and I can work my ass off as long as I have my tools, wifi, and a working outlet. And the badges should reflect that.


So to start, I decided make two designs—One involves graphic and one with type. Given that this was my first time designing a patch and still unfamiliar with the medium, I kept the aesthetic simple.

Essential Tools

-Embroidered cotton badge.
-Dimensions 2.5″ x 2.5″.
-Iron-on back adhesive.
-White thread on black cotton Twill
-Made in USA

You no longer need factory, production team, nor millions to spend on ads to put yourself out there, to get shit done. Tools like these are the weapons of mass creation. These essentials may very well be all the tools you need to make a difference.

The badge consists of a handful of icons, which were chosen from a batch of 50 that I designed at the inception of WHA. Each of these icon went through twice sometimes three revisions before it become a part of the final group you see below.tools_blog

Without cluttering the small surface available on the badge, I picked just over a dozen objects (and painfully removing the extras) that I most frequently see when I work at cafes and other work-spaces. Then carefully adjusting the positions and spacing between the items.

WHA Pioneer Badge

-Embroidered cotton badge.
-Dimensions 3″ x 1.5″.
-Iron-on back adhesive.
-Black thread on white cotton Twill
-Made in USA

This is an exclusive badge for our pioneers, dedicated to those who believe in what we believe and join us for the ride.

We’re building a product that benefits the people, and there are lots of rough edges to smoothen out and ground works to lay down before it’s ready. The team and I are incredibly excited and happy to see our growing community, with more than 300 pioneers, investing their time and energy to create something awesome.



We didn’t just end at the badges. Packaging is just as important.
The exploration:

workhardanywhere_patch-6 workhardanywhere_patch-7

Devil is in the details:workhardanywhere_patch-9 workhardanywhere_patch-11 workhardanywhere_patch-12

Slowly, but surely. This is what you’ll be receiving. workhardanywhere_patch-16 workhardanywhere_patch-13 workhardanywhere_patch-15


When the first samples arrived, I wanted to slap it on everything I own. But given there are only a few available, I had to choose carefully, which came down to this olive green mountain jacket.

Both the patches are full embroidered with iron-on adhesive backing. And shout out to Herby, the man behind the production of these pieces.

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