WHA Road Trips—Portland, Oregon Pt.1 of 2

Able to easily find a spot to get work done while on the go is what we strive to accomplish. The journey of putting our app through real-world tests and exploring foreign work spaces as we travel inspired this new section—WHA Road Trips.

Wrapping up 2014 and welcoming 2015 with open arms, Cody and I along with our partners visited Portland, Oregon this past week for the New Year. (When we probably should’ve gone down south to somewhere that’s warmer.) Suitcase packed with thermals and jackets, here goes our first trip:


We started the day just before 6AM to catch the 8:30AM flight from OAK to PDX. Arrived slightly early, I utilized the time to finish up some last minute work.


WHA Spot—Oakland International Airport


To my surprise, OAK offered a pretty impressive work environment for the travelers. Free and speedy wifi, but you must watch an ad to connect. Plenty seats (of course), and every gate was equipped with a charging station.


OAK’s designed to make killing-your-downtime-during-layovers more enjoyable less miserable.  



A traveling photo can’t be more cliche than this, but just check out that view right above Oregon!


Day 1

Kicked the day off with a restroom break for the dogs. Oh yea, since Portland’s one of the most dog-friendly cities, we decided to bring our loyal guards—two maltese. They’re vicious; they’d go at dogs three times their size with no hesitation. They might not win, but definitely no hesitation.

PDX_0000s_0005_DAY 1 - 10_43am
PDX_0000s_0006_ride for the next few days


On our way to downtown, we dropped by our first destination—Barista. PDX_0000s_0007_1725 ne alberta st portand, or


Ah, witnessed first-hand the hip population of Portland.


Their Semi-Sweet $4.25 Mocha.  It was divine. This cup alone just blew 99% of the coffees I’ve tasted out of the water.

WHA Spot—Barista | Alberta


Barista offered lightning wifi, but lacked outlets and was fairly crowded when we visited. It was a good spot for short duration work.


Portland’s off to a fairly good start.



For lunch, we went to Pine State Biscuits, just a few blocks from Barista on Alberta st. PDX_0000s_0013_2204 NE Alberta St Portland, OR 97211

We got the Reggie, and the Chatfield. Both were biscuits sandwiching juicy fried chicken, smoking bacon, and cheese. Reggie topped with gravy and Chatfield with apple butter. APPLE BUTTER. C’mon, no one could’ve resisted.


Oh god was it good. That was two home-runs for Portland.


The world’s largest book store—Powell’s Books.

PDX_0000s_0017_1005 W Burnside St Portland, OR 972091.6 acres of retailing space, with more than 4 millions books in inventory, they buy 3000 used books per day, and their Pearl District headquarter is dubbed the City of Books.

PDX_0000s_0027_Layer 1


PDX_0000s_0026_Layer 2
PDX_0000s_0025_Layer 3


Located on the 3rd floor, they had a section dedicated for “Rare Books”. Collection of books from limited, signed copies by Muhammad Ali and Jeff Koon for $2500 a pop (seems like a bargain compare to other spots that sell them) to 1950s edition Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass for $200.PDX_0000s_0020_rare book room





WHA Spot—Powell’s Books | W Burnside

Powell’s had their own cafe on the 1st floor. Plenty seats, but often crowded. Moderate wifi speed and offered no outlet. It was a space designed for peeps that like to complement their read with a cup of joe. It’s not really suitable for laptop heavy workers like me, but on the bright side, it was one of the few cafes that open till 11PM.


Before we left, I picked up this 1980’s The Camera Book. $8.PDX_0000s_0028_Layer 4

Later in the evening, we visited one of the most popular cafe joints from Portland—Stumptown Coffee Roasters. PDX_0000s_0029_1026 SW Stark St Portland, OR 97253


WHA Spot—Stumptown Coffee Roasters | SW Stark


They’re a retail chain scattered across Portland. Of the many, we swung by the location next to Ace Hotel, which was the closest to us at that time. The venue was tiny and had only a handful of seats and outlets. The wifi is decent and shared with Ace Hotel. . Good coffee, pretty interior, but not the perfect spot for work.  


Stumbled across the following spot by surprise. Interior decor shown through the large glass windows were too attractive: PDX_0000s_0032_40 NW 10th St Portland, OR 97214

They stock a plethora of work made/designed by the talents of Portland.



All of the items were beautifully crafted by hand. It was a house of love and labor.


Dinner: Local ingredients, local beer, nothing much beats this to wrap the first night in Portland. PDX_0000s_0039_210 NW 11th Ave Portland, OR 97209

Realized this was the only picture I have of the rest the group so far into the trip. And it’s not even their frontal view. PDX_0000s_0040_sam



Day 2



PDX_0000s_0043_DAY 2 - 10_22am
You know it’s going to be a good day when you start of the day with a delicious cup of coffee.
Let alone one from the renown Coava. It’s certainly one of the best from Portland, even Jerry Seinfeld and  Fred Armisen paid their visit.


PDX_0000s_0044_1300 SE Grand Ave Portland, OR 97214






WHA Spot—Coava Coffee Roaster

Sits in the Industrial District of Portland, the shop is a breath of fresh air. Minimalistic interior, wide open space, with large glass panels allowing natural light to illuminate the venue.  Spacious with only a few dozen seats (if they want to, they can easily fit 80+ people). Outlets are located only on a side of the wall. Lightning wifi. Delectable coffee. I wouldn’t mind working here all day, except they close at 6PM.


After the caffeine boost, we headed up towards the Forest Park for a quick hike. PDX_0000s_0050_4099 NW Thurman St Portland, OR 97210


Portland’s known for many things, but ones that especially stand out to me were the coffee, food, and the outdoors.




PDX_0000s_0053_PC308361_f.jpg5100 arces, with 70 miles of recreational trails, the Forest Park is one of the country’s largest urban forest. For the day, we hiked about..2 miles. That’s a bit anti-climatic, but sorry, we had a lot more on our plate, like..grabbing lunch at Brunch Box: PDX_0000s_0054_620 SW 9th Ave Portland, OR 97205

It’s a small but well designed burger shop with stackable sandwiches. Eating it requires plenty napkins.



This one’s called “OMG Burger”. Beef patty, turkey patty with cheddar, bacon, a fried egg, tomato, grilled onions, ketchup, mustard and mayo.

PDX_0000s_0057_omg burger


Stop drooling.


That was art for your mouth, then there’s the place with art for your eye and mind—Portland Art Museum:

PDX_0000s_0058_1219 SW Park Ave Portland, OR 97205





Like the name suggested, behind the museum’s an elegant Japanese-own cafe—Behind the Museum Cafe. PDX_0000s_0065_1229 SW 10th Ave Portland, OR 97205







WHA Spot—Behind the Museum Cafe

Outlets near almost all the tables, speedy wifi, and plenty of seats.

Their Matcha Latte was delicious. They also offer various teas by the pot and Japanese pastries.
A soothing location to complement the museum visit; this is one of my favorite cafes so far.


Dinner for day 2 is from Bamboo Sushi. Because they were overly crowded, we decided to take-out.
It’s the first certified sustainable sushi restaurant in the world.PDX_0000s_0072_bamboo sushi



Lastly, I leave you with a view of the city. It’s just as beautiful as it is in broad day light.



The remaining days of our trip will be posted in part. 2. Stay tuned.

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