WHA Trips—Maldives—Day 3


Day 3 of the trip; our second day on the island. Still jet-lagged but nothing stopped us from getting up early for our first full day on this honeymoon paradise.

Back at their main restaurant, the only spot that served breakfast:20130177

Although breakfast comes with our stay, nothing’s shy of quality. 20130174

Aside from the buffet bar, which served all types of bread, freshly squeezed juices, salads, and seasonal fruits, they offered an a la carte menu. Michelle chose the American breakfast with omelet and hashbrown. I picked the Japanese style with rice, fish that tasted like chicken, shrimp chips, and veggie. Life was good.  20130179


This is our first event of the day—a snorkeling trip at a nearby sandbank 15 minutes away by boat. 20130181
This is our captain, whose name’s escaped me. //If anyone know this man, please keep me updated, thanks.

20130187I wasn’t kidding about looking similar to other islands


Voila, the Blue Lagoon. Not sure if this is part of Vivanta’s estate or a public location open to many. I tried finding this on Google Map but had no luck. The next “Blue Lagoon” I found was from Florida.IMG_0003-3This place was like 10cm above sea level, so I won’t be surprised if this spot no longer exists next time I visit Maldives.

Our snorkeling trip was accompanied by these Japanese couple. I was told that they were only interested in snorkeling and that was all they did across the various islands near where we stayed. They were really cool folks. G0090133

The following underwater shots were taken by either my all-things-proof Canon D20 or the GoPro HERO4 tied to my head. (Thanks, Daniel, for loaning me the GoPro!)G0090205 G0090130 G0090204

Underwater selfie’s a must. IMG_0010-3 IMG_0102-2

Found these Zebra Fish (I’m not sure what they’re really called, but wouldn’t you say that sounds fitting?). IMG_0083-2

I was expecting the coral reefs to give me a seizure with their loud and vibrant colors, so I was taken aback when the world we saw undersea were mainly beige and grey. But it was not their fault, was ours. The strong sun + high sea temperature is messing up the habitat of these corals; it’s called “coral bleaching”. They’re victims of global warming and many have died over the last few years. G0090176

G0090160 IMG_0051-2

Moments later, we saw..IMG_0060-2

The captain took my camera and went straight down for a close up: IMG_0054-2

Results:IMG_0046-2 IMG_0047-2

That’s right.

IMG_0049-2 IMG_0062-2 IMG_0068-2 IMG_0070-2IMG_0093-2


After the snorkeling session, we were given enough time at the oasis (suppose this is the opposite, literally) to take as many photos as we wanted: 20130191

Here’s something less romantic:
When this utopia’s not occupied by humans, it’s covered by birds. The Blue Lagoon‘s a getaway spot shared by many. So instead of the clean and spotless sand you’d expect like some online photos, you’d find the place covered in bird poo. That’s what those specks on the sand floor are. Still a beautiful place nonetheless. 20130200 20130209 20130307 20130255 20130294 20130300


Back to the island. P3250011


The resort hosts couple of workshops each day to keep the residents busy. But more often than not, very few, if any, people attend. We tried to make it to as many of these events as possible to gain new experiences and engage with the staff.

For the day, they had a bracelet making class. And no surprise, we were the only ones that made it.P3250012

But what was more interesting, the host actually didn’t know how to make bracelets. She never thought anyone would make it. (word.)


We chatted for an hour and Michelle made me this: P3250018


Pizza workshop! This was one of my favorites, where you craft and eat your own pizzas. By the way, all the workshops are free of charge.

You see, I don’t like the heat, and the average here is around 92 degree. With the island being so small with limited things to do, if it weren’t for these workshops, I’d likely be sitting in the room all day.


First, demonstration: P3250023 P3250027

Vegetarian: P3250032

Then, the attendees got to put the lessons to work: P3250043 P3250052 P3250060 P3250061 P3250063

Cheese. Lots of CHEESE. P3250068

Scooping up the pizza was actually the toughest part of the process: P3250075 P3250086

BAM, Mushroom and cheese style: P3250088


Stingray feeding time. My turn: P3250100 P3250103 P3250107

Only appropriate: P3250123(Not endorsed by Corona.)


Ending the night with a seaside candle lit dinner. (Fancy.)

This was part of the honeymoon package by the hotel—a relaxing and romantic dinner on the main beach with a three course meal and sparkling wine. P3250128 P3250137 P3250158 P3250151 P3250140

Though, the day seem restless, it’s our preferred way to relax—free of distractions but with a single goal to build new experiences. Sitting on the beach side staring into the horizon all day would’ve driven us mad. But hey, good thing Maldives is perfectly suited for whichever way you’d like a vacation.

’til next time,

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