WHA Trips—Maldives—Day 4


For day 4, we left our island and ventured into another, one that’s slightly larger.
This island hoppin’ day trip is one of the many activities our hotel offered. It was not free and there was a requirement of at least 10 attendees before we set sail.
Several groups before us never made it out because they couldn’t meet the minimum. We got lucky.

maldives_day4-1 maldives_day4-2 maldives_day4-3


The island’s called “Kuda Bandos”, about 50 minutes boat ride from our hotel. It’d take 10 minutes to circle our island, and around 15 for this one. Wasn’t kidding about it being slightly larger. maldives_day4-5 maldives_day4-13

The sand was smooth as silk. Since Kuda Bandos hadn’t been fully developed by any hotel at the time, there were very few buildings with barely anyone on the island, which means we got ALL OF THIS to ourselves for the afternoon: maldives_day4-6 maldives_day4-7
maldives_day4-8 maldives_day4-9

Oh, yes.


The sun was quite generous with its heat. After circling the island (almost burnt my feet off the scorching sand), we found the best spot to snorkel—wherever that was closest to us. maldives_day4-29maldives_day430

Fish from Maldives eager to grab a selfie with me. maldives_day4-31

Round 1 snorkeling, done.


Lunch time: maldives_day4-34Since there were barely any resources on the island (neither labor nor material), we were given whatever they had at the moment. And that was..Pork Fried Rice. WHAA?! I think it’s safe to guess there were plenty of Asian tourists before us.
It was surprisingly delicious.



Snorkeling round 2!
There weren’t many things to do on the island…well there weren’t many affordable things to do on the island.  They did offer jet ski at $80 or 90, I think. Anyway, continue to snorkel we did:

This time around, we had a secret weapon. NOTE: this usually isn’t permitted, but the tour guide gave us the green light (and actually gave us the bread, too). maldives_day4-41

Turn up.maldives_day4-32 maldives_day4-42

The fish went berserk. maldives_day4-43 maldives_day4-33

Group photo time! maldives_day4-44

I always wanted to have one of those underwater-reaching-out-to-grab-the-camera pic.

Mission accomplished. maldives_day4-45


This is our guide. He promised to show us something we’ve never seen before and asked us to follow. maldives_day4-10

While we followed, we saw this: maldives_day4-11
This is a mockup building by Four Seasons. Yup, THE Four Seasons.
We soon found out that the island was acquired by the resort and have plans to start building their structures, which means the island will soon no longer be a public playground for neighboring islands. The mockup is for testing, and once it’s finalized, they will start construct these across the island.

Anywho, back to the surprise: maldives_day4-12

He picked out one of the coconuts from the pile you see behind him:

It was a sprouted coconut. He broke it open. maldives_day4-3-2 maldives_day4-4-2

Voila, this is called the coconut apple. The spongy texture comes only from a sprouted coconut. maldives_day4-5-2Tasted like coconut and chewed like an apple. Kinda dry, but overall not bad.

He gave each of us one as a souvenir before we left the island and embark the next destination. maldives_day4-6-2


Day trip continued to the main island and capital of Maldives—Malé. The population at around 110,000. It’s a city most people overlooked when everything from Maldives seem to be shadowed by the hotel-per-island attractions. I wish I could say more, but I’ve only scratched the surface myself; staying just 40 minutes on this part of town. maldives_day4-14

Just few steps away from the coast line stood this building. Guess where this is: maldives_day4-15 maldives_day4-16
That’s right.

The place was heavily packed with bikes, which reminded me of Taiwan. maldives_day4-17
And this: maldives_day4-18 …is the President’s crib.

Michelle was standing next to the largest tree in the country. maldives_day4-19

The Islamic Centre of Maldives: maldives_day4-20The Grand Friday Mosque can admit over 5000 people.

The streets:

Maldives supermarket run: maldives_day4-22
Everything’s expensive on the remote hotel islands, so this was our chance to stock up for the starving evenings.

BAM! We bought a few native instant noodle, but to be safe, I still grabbed a Chinese flavored cup.

$1 Coconut.


The day trip was meant to end with a dolphin sighting. Unfortunately, the dolphins took the day off and we saw nothing. Still got to head home with a stunning sunset, though.  maldives_day4-35

Fireball. maldives_day4-36


Day 4 = moving to Seaside Villa! This was our backyard: maldives_day4-37

The stairs that went straight to the ocean:maldives_day4-38

And fish were our neighbors. WHAT IS THIS HEAVENLY MADNESS. maldives_day4-39


Enjoyed our dinner and finished the day at their Thai all-you-can eat hotpot. maldives_day4-25 maldives_day4-26 maldives_day4-28 maldives_day4-27Oh, Maldives, I miss you so.

’til next time,


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