Day 5—8:57AM

Just a few days ago I was excited to have finally made it to Maldives, yet now I’m already counting the days I have remaining before leaving this utopia. D-minus 2, we had to make the most out of it…by giving Maldives our first deep sea diving experience. Seemed like the best place to lose our diving virginity.

The oxygen tank was as tall as Michelle’s torso, and weighed like 30 lbs. She struggled to even stand straight. maldives_day5_6-1

I, on the other hand, was doing squats. Walup. maldives_day5_6-2

Since it was our first time, we had to undergo diving 101: making sure we can handle the equipments, understand the gestures, and not freakout 10 meter underwater (we only dived to 8 because my camera had a 10m limit, weeeak).

On the right, with pink fins, was our coach Lou. She was laying down the rules with the couple that came with. maldives_day5_6-20 maldives_day5_6-21

30 minutes later, we’re ready to roll: maldives_day5_6-22

Into the deep blue! maldives_day5_6-23

Following photos taken with my Canon all weather proof D20. maldives_day5_6-28 maldives_day5_6-29

Yup, that’s a sunken ship. One of the signature sights from our island. It’s a former tug boat sunk by a dive center in 1988.maldives_day5_6-24

If the fish wanted to party, this is where they’d host it. maldives_day5_6-25 maldives_day5_6-30

Tiny cleaner shrimps. maldives_day5_6-27

Then, we spotted a shark. maldives_day5_6-26The shark was several feet below us. We didn’t panic because for a moment I believed that all things in Maldives were as gentle as Disney would portray them to be. And in fact, most of them were. The only animals we were advised to keep a distance were the eels and drunk human beings. Able to see a shark this close was the one of the best things I experienced in Maldives.

It was fascinating and tranquilizing to spectate the world underwater. So much different than snorkeling. I strongly recommend everyone who’s not afraid of water to give this a try.


Replaced breakfast with some diving action. But we had to eat lunch before our bodies give out.
maldives_day5_6-34 maldives_day5_6-35


Last few chances to enjoy the crystal clear ocean, so we dipped right in, again.

The crown jewel of living in a water-front villa—stairway that leads directly to the sea.
maldives_day5_6-5 maldives_day5_6-4 maldives_day5_6-32 maldives_day5_6-33


We were starving once more, but this time we savored the instant noodles that we brought back from Male from Day 4.

It looked much better than it tasted, like all instant noodles (except ones from East Asia, Japan and Taiwan offer the best instant noodle, ever). maldives_day5_6-7 maldives_day5_6-8


Mysterious island cat:
Never have I seen this cat since. Actually, not even sure if it was a cat.


Did something special for the evening. This is the “moon deck”—a dining area for two; a romantic 3 course meal with no interruptions, just for the two.

We booked it for the night mainly because it was our honeymoon, and I was a sucker. I mean who can resist such setting (most men, probably) with a view (of nothing because of the darkness. But who cares about the view if you can stare at your wife’s face with no interruption). I considered this to be a good investment.

The setup was beautiful.



maldives_day5_6-17 maldives_day5_6-18 maldives_day5_6-19

That was a wrap on day 5. And let’s just say the night ended pretty well. 😉

Day 6 (Last Day)—11:27AM

We were offered late check-out with no extra charge, so we slept till 11.
Woke up realizing it was our final hours on this island and felt sad, but the pizza picked us up: maldives_day5_6-36 maldives_day5_6-37


Checked out the water-front villa with a few more hours to spare before we take the boat back the airport. I spent grabbing shots that we can reminisce later (like what I’m doing now).

maldives_day5_6-38 maldives_day5_6-54 maldives_day5_6-55 maldives_day5_6-47


Last chance to feed the wild stingrays:


This time the sharks and jack fish (in blue) joined, too. maldives_day5_6-41 maldives_day5_6-40


Still managed to squeeze in one last activity—a sunset cruise complimentary from the hotel:

maldives_day5_6-44 maldives_day5_6-45 maldives_day5_6-46 maldives_day5_6-48 maldives_day5_6-49 maldives_day5_6-50 maldives_day5_6-43


Big thanks to our hosts, the trip would be incomplete without the your hospitality!

maldives_day5_6-11 maldives_day5_6-10 maldives_day5_6-9


Our boat ready to depart:

So long, Maldives.
Vacation’s over, now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

’til next time,

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