What Sparked “Work Hard Anywhere”

Welcome, creatives. Being the first post on WHA, seems only polite to introduce ourselves:

I’m Benson, I’ve been a freelance designer, project starter for the past 8+ years.
Cody, WHA’s co-founder, has a much more glorious resume: An engineer by trade, former Intel and Cisco employee.
The birth of Work Hard Anywhere (WHA) has something to do with the nature of how we work.

Photos taken with Olympus EM5 + 25mm f1.8. I’m a camera enthusiast, but will get into that in the future.


This isn’t our first endeavor together; Cody and I have worked on various projects in the past from single-serving sites for photography enthusiasts, road-rage reduction hardware, to a marketplace for florists. Though, they’re different in shapes and sizes, we noticed one thing in common as we tackled these projects—when we didn’t grind away from home, we’ve always struggled to hunt down a good spot to get work done.


The Struggle

This is what usually goes down when we try to look for a cafe at a foreign city (heck, even near where we live).WHA_blog_3WHA_blog_4Seem awesome.

Then we make it out to the cafe/shop…WHA_blog_5WHA_blog_6And often, we find out it’s a tiny venue and it’s already filled.


When reality doesn’t quite match the expectations…

WHA_narrow_5© Fox Searchlight Pictures (2009)

Not cool.


Yelp gives it her shot, but it’s a often a hit or miss. So, we’d ask Google for help.

She would find us several spots through Map, but doesn’t provide enough details for each shop.
She’d also find us list and forums from across the web, when we’re on the go, it’s inconvenient and laborious to search through them. (Though, this may be a good way to go for those who prep well before heading out, we’re more like the ‘dam, we gotta find a spot NOW’ type.) And with the few platforms we discovered that offer searches on mobile devices, they often suggest paid locations or with incomplete/outdated info.



The Mission

The work may be hard, but finding a place to work shouldn’t be.


“Work Hard Anywhere” is the product spawn from our frustration with the process of finding a good cafe or a decent work space when we’re on the run or at a foreign city. We want to create a tool that can help creatives/students/entrepreneurs/freelancers easily share and explore great spots to get work done, so they can focus their energy on what’s important—the work. With the help of the community, we hope to curate the ultimate directory for anyone in any city to find unique and work friendly spots and get their work on.

lifestyle_shot1From wifi speed, outlet quantity, to room capacity…We’re designing a tool specifically with the creatives in mind. We’ve started Work Hard Anywhere but it takes the community to make it fun, adventurous, and useful.

Download the app:

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We’re on Instagram, too: @workhardanywhere, #workhardanywhere

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  • Amy Morton

    2017-11-03 at 1:02 PM Reply

    Found you guys thru PRSUIT and just had to come and check you out for myself! Great site! Love your instagram! And now a subscriber!

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